some of my accessories

  1. Finally found some time to post my 3 most favourite Chanel accessories, the others are back in the UK.

    My first piece of Chanel jewellery were the three rings which are engraved with chanel, with the characters at different angles to each other.

    I am hoping to get a charm necklace next, will post it if I manage to find it.
    accessories 001.jpg accessories 002.jpg
  2. I love them!!
  3. Really Pretty

    Congrats :biggrin:
  4. I love the earings!!!
  5. Very nice, I love the earrings, there beautiful!
  6. lovely, and the earrings are gorgeous!
  7. OOh love them Chanel baby, I have the same sunglasses!
  8. Very nice, love them all!
  9. Great finds, congrats!
  10. [​IMG]


    Nice collection ur sunnies:love::flowers:
  11. love those earrings~~
  12. Congrats! Nice stuff!
  13. Chanelbaby you have really nice accessories there- I really love your earrings
  14. I absolutely love those sunglesses. are they still available?
  15. I think they are but they get bought up quickly, perhaps there is a timeless collection for sunglasses an accesories too?