some of Lynnette's handbag collection!

  1. the rest are in storage, im going to take better pics when i get the chance.
    just purchased the louis vuitton pouchette, coach daphne, & the 2 coach satchels in gold & white. :wlae: i use the big coach tote for school pretty much everyday & it's held up WONDERFUL! purchased it about 3-4 years, [​IMG][​IMG]too!

    also, purchased these shoes today at loehmanns for 279..... but had a 50% coupon for any pair of shoes so i got them for 140[​IMG]! i own many other coach shoes & they ware great!
  2. Beautiful collection!!
  3. Wow, I love the satchels !
  4. That Daphne and the satchels are beautiful! I want furry boots like those, lol.
  5. Beautiful!!! Love them all!
  6. Gorgeous collection! :heart:
  7. You have an amazing collction!

    My bf wants to buy me an LV for christmas, is that the Speedy 30 that you have on the left side? That looks like the perfect size for me.
  8. I love the python flap bag you have! Beautiful!
  9. I love all of it! How do you store all of them?

  10. yes, it's the speedy 30. it's kind of a big bag but i seem to wear it all the time. i would recommend the speedy 25 if your not into huge bags.
  11. i needed a second closet for all my bags! those are the bags I wear a lot... i have a ton more in another closet that I don't use as much. when I get the time I'm going to take better pics.
  12. Welcome to the forum!! :welcome: I love the gold satchel & daphne, gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your collection.
  13. LOVE the Ocelot bag- one of my favorite collections from Coach.
  14. GREAT COLLECTION! love that multi pocket.. now im regretting not buying one when they were on sale at the outlet! Welcome to the forum!
  15. Great collection Lynnette! They are all gorgeous!