Some oddness with my new Gucci Medium Joy...

  1. Just picked up a gorgeous Gucci Joy boston bag, medium, in the gunmetal grayish color...i did a search and read some girls here had the side tab ...not the front plaque, but the one side large tab not have Gucci - Made in Italy stamp on it as it shows on the website i think? mine doesn't say it either and i bought it in person today at the Gucci Boutique in the Americana Mall in Manhasset, Long Island, NY (right next to my LV Boutique :heart:33). any updates on this? should it have it or some do and some don't?

    anyways...i also noticed tonight there were like 2-3 strings hanging out of different seamed areas, some string stitiching on one of the handles looks loose and like tangled/ handles leather looks oddly bunched and the handles are kinda not exactly matched ..ones a lil lopsided making it look uneven and smaller. I also noticed a few really tiny, but still noticable to me and flawed..glue mark residues on the metallic gunmetal trim parts in random places.

    how are the quality issues with this bag....mine i go back tomorrow (well, i am regardless) and ask to see another one? (the lady went down and got this one, a fresh one from their inventory cause she said a brand new shipment of these came today and picked mine from there)...or just skip trying to recheck out another and just getting a refund and getting another lv speedy 25 which is the same price, $595...which i already KKNOW from having a load of lv's (especially speedys) which are of incredible quality....

    the thing is..the lady kinda rushed me out today and like didn't give a hoot, telling me how she hates it there and misses where she used to work and kept saying it like a 5 year old a hundred times. literally complaining to a customer how she hates gucci while serving gucci...yeah, she was singing along to music and kinda dismissed me once i signed for the bag and like made me feel SO intimidated to even look over the bag for more than 15 seconds before wrapping it up and bagging it...i know i shouldn't be nervous and stuff, but she really kinda put me off. the whole staff there doesn't seem the most nice or accomodating everytime i set foot in there.

    I LOVE this bag and would like a regular, perfect normal one. I dunno if i should inspect another for the stamp issue & the quality issue (well definately the quality issue). it's such a gorgeous bag and i do want one..but a correct one with stamping (if there should be) and with no really bad flaws like the one i got today..

    ...or just get a refund and hop 10 feet over to my lv and feel wanted. lol...

    any advice?

    thanks girls, sorry for the long and droning post but this really got me ticked and sad!:crybaby:

  2. I would love to see soepics, maybe a link online? I think you should get the one you love, LV!!!! jkin, exchange it , if she hates her job who cares you paid for the bag that you want and you should get it.
  3. Definitely bring it back for an exchange. If you don't like what you see again, ask for a refund.

    I do believe the Joy boston is not as good quality as other Gucci bags I've. I don't know why, but I just got a GG plus and it seems to be more sturdy and better made.

    I only have a Neverfull so I don't have a LV speedy to compare to. But the Neverfull to me is quite thin too, maybe because it is made in the US?

    I guess I'm lucky since the SA at my Gucci boutique are mainly very nice. Good luck on your next visit.
  4. I just saw it online, hmmm it is really cute. I like it!!!!!!! Exchange it and get one that you love, can you go to another Gucci? Try another SA?
  5. Thanks bee! ..yeah, i will def. go back tomorrow...if i'm leaving with a nice correct new one or a dark brown lv shopping bag - time will only tell. if i see a perfect one i WILL get it and keep it, i hope so...i also just looked at my receipt to have ready and it says on it...MAYLE. not GAYLE, but typed yeah, that SA is a real gem.

    bee - any info on that side stamped issue? did you ever find if its suppossed to be there...or some have it, some don't and why? i'd like to bring that up too tomorrow besides my bags flaws and just wanted to know any valuable info on it to be armed w/ before i go back. thanks!! if you or anyone else know anything about it, i would greatly appreciate it xoxo :heart:
  6. I have the large Joy Boston,just got it for Xmas at Gucci boutique in Milan.It doesn't say anything on the stamp either...:nogood:
    If you don't like it,give it back and take the LV,so that you'll be 100% satisfied with your purchase :yes::tup:

  7. I actually love the bag, I've said I love the bag numerous times. :smile: I was just basically comparing the bad quality of the specific Gucci I got, to the good quality of almost every LV Speedy I've ever come by. I'll be 100% satisfied when I get a Joy that doesn't have horrible quality sadness is with this specific bags quality, not the bag itself...if that makes sense.:heart:
  8. I've never found out why the Gucci mark is missing from the bag, also the wallet. I guess they either missed it or decided not to have it? But I find it very odd that the mark is missing from the wallet. All my Gucci wallets have the Gucci mark inside.

    That being say, they might decide to put the Gucci mark on for next season. Gucci tends to change the minor details on the same bag from time to time.

    Hope that you find your perfect Joy boston!
  9. thanks for your kind words beejerry! I went back to Gucci last night and got the assistant mgr. who was a doll and so sweet and knowledgable. she said the leather would bunch up a tad due to it being wrapped, tightened and such so tightly around the top-bottom area of the handles. the string on the handles all have a finishing string/area, so that might be a little more raised or textured than the rest of the string line going around. she went in the back and looked trough 5 of them and gave me the best one. there are still teeny tiny (alot LESS noticeable than my 1st one though) flaws, but she said they will all have them, especially in this bag. I love this bag so much, so I'm willing to overlook them.

    as far as the side stamping issue goes, she said none of them for sale, mass-produced have them at all. not in the us, italy or anywhere. she said there may be a FEW from the prototype on the website when 1st created but not likely. basically it is a prototype for when it 1st was being shown to debut, mainly online but as we all know, they do tweak the minor details when a release is launched or over time. so, no worries on that i should think! she is, i took pics! I'm also gonna put it up in my bag showcase (link in my sig.)






  10. It's beautiful! :love: I'm glad you find another one, better one. Now at least we know it's not a flaw and it's a perfectly normal thing for the missing logo on the end tab. Thanks for finding out for us.

    Gucci hasn't had a nice speedy bag for a long time and this one is a big hit! I still want the white one w/ silver trim.

    Enjoy your new found Joy!
  11. Yep, I have that exact bag's really a nice one!

    I'm on my 2nd because the bronze started coming off of the handles. My SA changed it for another one, no problem. I've never had a problem like that with any Gucci, it's weird!

    Enjoy it.
  12. cute bag. i also like the louis that is pictured with it :nuts:
  13. GayeLV, thanks for letting us know about the stamp issue =) your bag is gorgeous!!!!
  14. I still have not carried mine yet, but I do love this bag! I have bought 2 for friends and one for my mother. I have not heard any complaints yet, but I do appreciate everyones experiences. I look forward to carrying mine! Im so glad you found one in perfect shape. Its so cute!
  15. Cute bag! Enjoy.