Some NUDE Questions?!?

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  1. What nude style is your favorite?

    Do you have your perfect nude shoe?

    Are you waiting for your perfect nude shoe?

    Is your perfect nude shoe yet to be made?

    I have just become obsessed with this color!
  2. i have pair of nude CL's that i love (so comfy) but they're more for work (low heel/round toe).

    my favorite is the VP/NP nude patent. i love that shoe and apparently so does everyone else bc it's very hard to get your hands on a pair. i am currently on a waiting list but there's no guarantee.

    i also like the yoyo's as well.
  3. I love the YoYo and got them in 100mm, but it was very uncomfy for me around the peeptoes. Since I'm on the waitlist for the NP and VP Nude Patent, I returned the YoYo 100mm.

    I'm supposed to get the NP on Wednesday! WOO-HOO!
  4. I love my nude patent VPs!!! And I love the matching nude shimmer Chanel nailpolish from my RAOK Secret Buddy.
    IMG_2792-1.JPG IMG_2006.JPG
  5. I think the VP's are the prettiest I have seen. I also like the decollete.
  6. I have lots of favorite nude shoes. I'm quite addicted to them, just like Kamilla is. LOL

    My favorites are the nude patent wallis, nude patent yoyo 110, nude patent VP w/ burgandy tip, and nude patent clichy. I will try to take a group shot this week of my nude collection. That just sounded funny.

    Side note, did you find out any info on the python declic? They are due to hit stores next month and Saks dates they usually give are fairly accurate.
  7. That did sound funny! Keep it PG girl!!;)
  8. I never even owned a nude shoe or even thought about it until TPF. Now I can't get enough! It's become like a black shoe where you can never have too many. My favs are the nude patent wallis, joli noeud, VP w/burgundy tip, and of course the NP :smile:
  9. my favorites are the nude patent VPs, the NPs and the yoyos...the joli noeud is really pretty also..unfortunately, i don't own any of these....yet. I'm on a wait list for the VPs and am crossing my fingers that they'll eventually come
  10. i love that nail polish! i think i may have to go pick it up so that i can have it on hand for the day i receive my nude patent VPs :smile: your VPs look beautiful on you !