some nice Michael Kors bags

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  1. Here are some pretty bags that won't break the bank.
    This one is the Kings Point hobo - $268 - comes in cognac or copper
    this is the Diablo satchel - $298 - comes in black, white or luggage

    this is the double pocket duffle - $328 - comes in black or luggage

    Nice-looking bags for the price. I have several Michael Kors bags and the quality is excellent. Bags come with dust covers.
  2. oops... here's the pic
  3. Yep, for me I would love 2 and 3.
  4. Oh wow, great bags!
    Does EVERYONE have a Mulberry style bag this season or what though?!
  5. I was thinking the same thing!
  6. yeah, I think everyone has jumped on their bandwagon.... lol :P
  7. I mean, even my new Gucci looks like a Mulberry throwback! LOL!
  8. oooh i love the first one.. but it does remind me of the marc jacobs quilted hobo and i DO love that one. :smile: