Some news to share!

  1. First of all, Bloomies at SCP finally opened and I went to the private preview with my co-worker. That place was packed with people!!!! But the most exciting part was when we saw CHANEL there!!! :yahoo: Now there's one more place I can go to for Chanel bags and accessaries!!

    The second good news is I saw these very cute baby animals ballet flats! Though my size was already sold out in Bloomies (during the private preview, the store wasn't even officially opened to the public yet, that's how crazy that place was!), I was able to locate another pair from the boutique and should get them Tuesday!! Yea! :yahoo: Hope they will be comfy and fit me well. They will be my first pair of chanel shoes!!

    I do have one more good news but I will share it later with lots of pics...hehehe...
  2. hooray!!!
  3. Oh I saw those they're SOOOO CUTE!! I love them! Congrats post pics when you get them!
  4. congrats!!!! awww i really wish i was able to go, too bad SF's Bloomies doesnt carry Chanel!

    Cant wait to see what you got!
  5. That's exciting! I wish my Bloomies sold Chanel.
  6. They sound super cute! Can't wait to see pics! Congrats!
  7. LOL..DID u get the flipflops?I have them comin today!!They r too cute!
  8. Oh, no, now I'm really in trouble. How was their bag selection? I'll have to check that out this weekend. :nuts:
  9. how much are the baby animal flats?
  10. yay!!
  11. Congrats..would love to see baby animals ballet flats. I saw only Jill's flip flops. I wonder how those ones look :smile: They must be so cute.
  12. show picturess!!!!!! (:
  13. ^ I haven't received mine yet but this is how the ballet flat looks, but mine is black, which I like more, less "childish" and more funky look in black
    Baby Animals Ballet Flat.jpg
  14. Yay! Congrats! I was at the preview too on Thursday and I officially LVOE that Bloomingdale's. I think I'm going back today to spend my gift card haha...
  15. oh those are so cute how much where they??