Some News on Visionaire - Marc Jacobs "Bares All"??

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  1. I love Marc Jacobs and all, but not THIS much... From WWD:

    What do YOU think?
  2. I think a few of those cancelling their orders might change their mind
  3. Yep, there's a recent thread on it in the reference library. I don't really care for the contents, I have no desire to see Marc or any other celebrity in the nude. I just wanted the case. :supacool: I did not know there 're only 2500 copies though.
  4. not this little duck :nogood:
  5. I didn't see this posted :amuse:, I just posted it on Purse Blog.

    I think it could be really interesting- as art, not just as naked pics, ya know? I admire good art- tasteful art.

    And the cover is the best part!
  6. Megs, it could be good art but... not sure I want to find out for four hundred dollars, you know?
  7. Neh , Makes me not want it even more now, I Would love it it if was LV's and then people next to them ;) in the background maybe LOL But i don't even really like Marc Jacobs at all so i don't really want to see him nude, but the main reason i wanted it was the case but now i know it wont be a proper miroir cover.
  8. thank you for the info
  9. For those of us that won't be forking out out the cashola for this one, this link may give us a sneak inside to a bunch of the pages of the issue when it gets published:
  10. he's not just in one picture, he's in *several*? omg, this guy. Honestly. he's the editor, and chose to put himself in it several times over? his ego is unreal. The only reason i would want this item is to make money on it in the future. (would have kept it for myself if it had the original case). He just really annoys me.
  11. I've decided against it and cancelled my order a few weeks ago. I've been collectiong Visionaire for about 7 years, and will pass on this issue despite it being Vuitton (Has it been confirmed that the case will indeed be a Miroir case yet?). Visionaire has gone steadily downhill in the quality and general 'wow' factor of their issues.

    Of the ones I have (24 Light by Gucci, 28 The Bible by Philippe Starck, 32 Where? by Hermes, 33 Touch by Fendi, 42 Scent by IFF and 44 Toys by Kidrobot) 33 Touch by Fendi, is by far the most inspired and beautiful, followed closely by the amazing Gucci lighbox and the Hermes travel-pouch.
  12. No longer a miroir case. It was going to be, but they just changed it. :smash:
  13. I probably would have considered the book, just for that case!
    hmmmm....saving $300, not too bad, though!!
  14. Karen Kooper was selling John Galliano's personal copy of that not too long ago......