Some (newbie) questions

  1. Hi,
    I just found this forum today and have spend about three hours (!!) reading it today. I don't own anything from Hermes yet, but am planning my first shopping trip there this summer (I'll be in France and Germany in July). :smile:

    I saw a face towel in the window of an Hermes boutique in Vienna about two years ago. Are these still availble and at what price? The one I saw was about 30€ if I remember correctly. The website doesn't mention them, so I hope it doesn't mean they're not sold anymore.

    Another thing I'm thinking of buying is the red berry twilly or one of the pocket scarves. Many of you have mentioned the booklet that shows you how to tie scarfs and I want to know if I can ask for it when buying one of these?

    There are no H shops here (in Finland), so I can't have a look at the merchandise, except what they show on their website. Do you have any other recommendations for a good "first item" from Hermes (as you've probably guessed, I don't have a huge budget)?

    Finally, I'm terrified of walking into the store!! :sad:
    What if they don't let me in? Or answer any of my questions? How horrible, humiliating and depressing would that be! How should one dress when going into a Hermes shop? I KNOW it's silly to worry about such things, but I do.
  2. Hi Lina,... Welcome to TPF and to the Hermes forum. Please don't hesitate to go into your local Hermes store. Get a feel for the store first, look around and then ask for help. Do not be afraid to ask any questions.

    I would recommend the Cherries Twilly as a first purchase. After that everything will go down hill. You will find a way to extend that "budget"
  3. Welcome! The cherries twilly will be a lovely first time purchase or I would suggest a pocket square. The scarf booklet focusses on full size scarves. There are some suggestions on how to tie twillys and pocket squares here on this forum.
  4. Lina, welcome! Please don't worry about walking into any Hermes store, it's just a shop and the staff are there to serve YOU. Having said that, I have been to Hermes in France and Germany and particularly in France, it seems to me that the French pay more respect to you the smarter you are dressed but I have foud this in all the shops in France, not just Hermes. Please don't worry, go in and enjoy yourself. It's luck if you will get a booklet, depends if they have any and if the SA is feeling helpful, don't be afraid to ask. You can download the booklet from the website anyway. A twilly would be a lovely first item from Hermes, ask the SA to demonstarte all the different ways to wear one and ask him/her to show you how to tie it. There is a set of 3 mini 'tribord' rings made for the twilly, you might find these useful and they are not expensive.
  5. Welcome to tPF!
    Don't be afraid of walking into the store - I know it looks intimidating but it actually isn't! I braved my first visit recently too, and came out sorely bitten by the H bug :p As far as I'm concerned, the SAs should be trained and willing to answer any questions you might have (that's what they're there for, isn't it?) so just ask away!
    Have fun!
  6. Welcome fellow European! I would like to think the H staff actually like answering questions (unless it´s "do you have a Birkin for me?").
  7. What about the key or handbag charm.I find them cute but dont know if they are expensive.Twilly is also a good choice for your first H
  8. Please don't be scared of going in there. This is a true story which just happened about 2 hours ago. I woke up with a yen to have a Passage a Tokyo twilly. Put the thought aside and decided instead to head to the Asian supermarket to buy some interesting condiments and whatnot to cook with.

    Threw on shorts/t-shirt/tennis shoes and out the door I go. On the way to the store (about 25 mins from my house) the yearning got stronger.

    By the time I was almost there the little voice in my head was SCREAMING that I needed that twilly. Called the local Hermes store...not just any store but the one on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to see if they had one in stock (in that lovely green blue colorway).

    Of course they have it. I drive back home (25 miles back in the opposite direction) get dressed and then drive back into the city to get it (40 miles).

    Sorry, nope. Gave it some thought and decided that while yes I didn't like the idea of going *into* H looking like a bag person, there's nothing better than a lovely orange H bag to dress up even the most casual of outfits.

    I actually tried to apologize for being dressed so scruffily -- the gentleman who rang me up chuckled and said they weren't offended and were happy to have me come visit with them again soon.

    Lesson? At the end of the day, dressed badly or not, an H customer is an H customer :smile:

    All I can say is what everyone else has said -- get out there and buy yourself a beautiful twilly. When the initial ether of owning such a beautiful piece of art wears off and the orange headed H beast beckons again, don't try to fight it because there's no point.

    Just relax, enjoy the ride (and make sure you pay the rent and the light bill first ;) best, steph.
  9. totally agree with slemus:yes::yes::yes:
  10. lina, don't be afraid to visit the H store! my first time wasn't that long ago and i swear my heart was pounding! :smile: but you know, just talk to one of the SA's, ask questions, they are always willing to talk about their products. in fact the same SA i talked to on the first day called me that very night about a birkin! i was speechless.

    i also asked about the scarf booklet and got one, no problem. you can also dl it on altho that book describes styles for the larger scarves.

    i think a twilly or pocket square is a fine first purchase - you'll just relish it so much! good luck! :smile:
  11. Thank you all so much for the replies and the encouragement! I really do appreciate them. And it's nice to hear I'm not the only one who's felt nervous about their first visit!
    I'll keep on reading this forum (and drooling at what you all have & buy) until it's time for my first visit! :smile:
  12. Hi LinaFIN:smile:

    i just bought a twilly...told the SA its my 1st, he gave me the booklet even without asking:pi guess, they want guests to become a twilly affecionado!

    i agree with everybody....just dont barge at the H store and ask for a birkin:rolleyes:

    enjoy your 1st H visit:wlae:
  13. I just want to say, good luck and have a great time! I don't have any experiences to share but look forward to hearing your stories when you get back. And pics, of course!