Some NEW Victoria Beckham *PICS*

  1. Arriving at the Stuttgart Airport, Germany looking FANTASTIC!!!:love:
    s601.jpg s600.jpg s602.jpg
  2. And at the game with Cheryl and the kids:
    cap0010jv.jpg cap0021om.jpg cap0030fa.jpg x0019398nz.jpg x0019490ob.jpg 14nl1.jpg
  3. Love her shoes! It was fun to see her in the stands watching the game today, although it did make me a little queasy to see David thowing up on the field :sick: She looks good though.
  4. damn i can't believe i missed that part.

    she's just a tad bit skinny. but love her outfits.
  5. I love the sunglasses she's wearing in the stands!
  6. David threw up? Aw. She looks good! Love her bag :heart:
  7. Victoria still looks good as ever! Who's that cute girl sitting on her right?
  8. >>David threw up? Aw. She looks good! Love her bag

    Yea, right after he scored the goal, as soon as he stopped celebrating he hurled, poor guy :sad: I'm sure she'll tend to him though.
  9. Yeah they said he was getting really dehydrated.. and luckily he got taken off the field around the 87th minute so he could rest up.

    David's SO nice to the other players.. he always walks around after each of England's games and talks to the opposing team's players, gives hugs, shakes hands.. what a sweetheart :love:

    And PS - has anyone seen any pictures of Victoria WITHOUT sunglasses lately? I forgot what she looks like under them! :lol:
  10. Those are rockin' R&R cropped pants. Love them!
  11. i like this outfit so much:love:
  12. Awww yeh i saw that..:shocked:
    It's great to see her supporting her hubby:yes:
  13. WHo is that girl with VB....shes gorgeous!!!!
  14. Cheryl Tweedy, fiancee of Ashley Cole and one fifth of British girl group 'Girls Aloud':biggrin:
  15. i feel david's pain on the throwing up, happened to me once (i played soccer for about 8 years). right after i scored a goal, too. mine was from dehydration and heat exhaustion.

    but VB looks fab as usual, LOVE that gucci bag even though it hasn't been talked about much.