Some new stock at Neiman's & Saks in Michigan...

  1. Just returned fro the mall. Somereset collection in Troy, MI.

    soft & chain beige and black hobos
    naked bag w/ silver h/w
    black & bone lambskin classic medium flaps w/ new chain
    black caviar jumbo w/ new chain
    black e/w lambskin w/ new chain
    black & beige soft & chain flaps

    Saks- (ask for Delyse or Diane)
    denim cabas
    naked bag w/ gold h/w
    expandable bags in black & maybe beige (don't know anything about sizes for these, but the black was huge)

    Hope that is useful for someone!
  2. April- we really need to meet up one of these days! I think its time for a Somerset gathering!!! There is a bunch of us from there!!!
  3. Excellent idea! Just give me date & time and sign me up! I love Somerset. Are you close? I'm about 40 minutes away in Commerce Twp. (Novi / Milford area if you're familiar)

    I love Lisa Hamlin too, BTW.
  4. Lisa rocks! I am in West Bloomfield so it only takes me 15 minutes (which makes my Hubby not so happy). I will definitely keep you posted and get something set up soon!

    Thanks for posting the stock by the way!!! I need to get to Saks too- heard they got some great shoes in!
  5. how much is the new M/L lambskin with new chain?
  6. I didn't look at any prices (sorry).
  7. Here are is the number for Saks (248) 643-9000 and if you want to call NM, call Lisa Hamlin (248) 635-8442.
  8. thanks for the update :smile: