Some new stock at my Saks today...

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  1. jumbo classic in grey lambskin $2850
    large classic in brown caviar $2350
    jumbo classic in brown caviar $2650
    2.55 in black with black hardware (not sure of size - maybe price will help) $2425
    not new, but found in the back and hard to find now - GST with older shiny caviar in black with silver hardware $2125
    That's all the info I have, but call Delyse if you are interested or have any questions at 248-515-1126, she's happy to help. Please tell her April referred you. Don't forget, EGC is the 21st of August.
  2. thanks for posting
  3. Thanks for posting! Do you know which Saks this is by any chance? I was considering ordering from Portland to avoid the tax. Thanx!
  4. If you order from Delyse, she doesn't charge tax. I ordered something from her; and had it shipped, she said that I did not have to pay tax. But call her to be sure.
  5. ^ Troy, Michigan.
  6. thanks for posting, april
  7. thanks for posting :dothewave:
  8. oh one more question, how do you get your egc if you are doing a charge send to another state?
  9. ^^Usually the gift cards are included inside your package.
  10. Hi ladies, do you know if the SA can open a Saks account and get the 10% over the phone? or I have to do it in person? TIA!
  11. i believe you have to do it in person

  12. My Sa Maurice 734 968 2594 helped me to do it online..
    call or email him if you have questions. He is really good
    with emails. tell him emily referred you.:tup:
  13. I forgot Delyse's email (I get requests for this as it's easier if you live in an international time zone and it's hard to pick a good time to call)- There's an underscore between delyse and mcallister. She was able to help me sign up for the Saks card online also.