Some new quilted goodness and a slight dilemma. Help!

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  1. Hi ladies!! I've been trying to be "good" these past few months, but I couldn't resist these quilted beauties. I thought I'd share them since I haven't seen either of these on tpf.

    Behold! Large Cecilia in Violet and Quilted Stella in Petrol (nappa)!! I ended up returning my daydream hobo from my previous reveal for the Cecilia.... as much as I liked the daydream bag, it was no question to me which one I should keep. I love all things quilted!

    I was also afraid that the petrol stella would be too close to my teal venetia, but the stella is definitely much more blue, as you can see. The textures of the leathers could not be more different too. While the venetia is stiff and a bit grainy (which I like because the shape holds up so beautifully), the stella is probably the softest, squishiest bag I own. It's as smooth as butter with a velvety feel to it. (Thanks thithi for authenticating!)

    Some modeling shots. As you can see I tried to wear the Cecilia cross-body, but I don't really think works hehe. (For reference I'm 5'5")
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Okay, so on to my little problem. I noticed loose thread a while ago on my Cecilia below the zipper and it ended up being only one stitch that was loose. After I snipped the loose ends off, I haven't seen anything unravel further. So my question is... Should I just leave it be or should I get it fixed just to prevent further unraveling or am I just crazy to be this anal? The missing stitch is shown in the neon circle.
  2. personally it wouldnt bother me, but that is just me. i totally love both though!!
  3. LOVE everything!!!
  4. wow, what gorgeous bags! and they look fantastic on you! oh, that violet is tdf.

    as for the stitching, i am personally lazy and wouldn't do anything about it if i were you. it doesn't look like it will come unraveled. but if it bothers you then by all means, get it fixed. that would be the most responsible thing "just in case".
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    beautiful bags jen!!!
    the Petrol Stella is just TDF!!!:drool::drool::drool:
    there's nothing like Nappa leather. I'd really like a bag made of Nappa from F05 but I'm really excited that he's using it again this season - I can't believe he never used Nappa again after the F05 season!! And Petrol is just an amazing color!! Do you find the bag really heav?

    Your cecelia is also gorgeous, but your petrol stella steals the show!!
    what great finds you've got there!

    ETA: I forgot to ask you -- is your cecelia from F09? It's lamb leather, right? If so, how does the lamb leather compare to the Nappa?
  6. wow, beautiful bags!! i love them all.... the colors are so vibrant. the nappa looks so velvety smooth, and the stella looks great on you.

    i think you should leave the cecelia alone and see if it does unravel further... it might not at all.

    thanks for sharing!
  7. i agree with thithi on the stitching thing. my stam had one of those, and basically i put a lil clear nailpolish on it to prevent fraying and used a pin to shove it back in it's hole. aven't had any problems since...

    and congrats! both bags are so beautiful! i always loved the stella from 05....but i knew the weight wouldn't be comfortable for me. but petrol nappa is just stunning! and violet!?!? OMG! gorgeous!
  8. OMG!!! The petrol stella is GORGEOUS!!!!!
    And the violet is so vibrant ! Beautiful choices
  9. Wowzah!! Talk about colorful quilted gorgie!! Love the Cecilia and that petrol Stella is absolutely TDF - it looks amazing on you!
  10. Thanks thithi, handbaglover13, brahh, pursemonkey and f1re_cr4cker!

    kmroboto: I have to admit that I'm too lazy also to get any of my bags fixed :nogood: and that I'm probably overreacting.

    I agree that Nappa is amazing!! I'm surprised too that it was left out of the seasons after. I know this bag is known to be heavy, but I don't find it overwhelming (although YES it is heavy :P). I think I'm just used to heavy bags and I always put so much stuff in my bags that they end up pretty heavy regardless of weight when empty.

    Yes the Cecilia is from f/w09. It is soft and squishy like all the other lambskin bags from that season, but has a bit more resilience and spring to it compared to the nappa. Dunno if that makes sense. And the nappa is really like velvet and pillowy. I could sleep on it I love it so much.

    The weirdest thing is that the previous owner didn't seem to use it more than a handful of times. There's absolutely no corner wear and the brass isn't tarnished at all AND the suede interior has no fading/wear to it. I brought it in to the LA boutique for Gabby to see, and we just couldn't believe how spotless it was.

    Thanks june for the tip!! I'll be sure to try your lil fix to prevent further unraveling. I knew I could ask you guys about this!
  11. Two gorgeous bags! I love the petrol color. Both look fantastic on you - The thread would bug me too. I would do as Jun said. Enjoy your beauties!
  12. aj- you have the most amazing colorful collection I've ever seen. each new bag you reveal is like a rainbow of colors. I wish I could pull it off like you! I've been eyeing a violet something forever now. I like how vibrant it is, w/o looking too hot pink! It's purple and pink at the same time.

    and petrol nappa, what a rarity! don't you just love that burgundy suede lining?

    I still :drool: each time I see your teal quilted venetia...
  13. Gorgeous, I love the colors of these two bags!
  14. oh...I forgot to add...don't worry too much about the missing thread on the cecilia. Like june said, a little clear nail polish might just do the trick! beautiful bag nonetheless!
  15. Thanks tigertrixie and LilahBelle!
    :roflmfao: AJ?! haha. No one's ever called me that before. Thanks for your kind comments and advice! I do love colors... especially since I usually wear neutral colored clothing. I really love the Violet color. It's very... berry :P. The suede lining of the Stella is yummy to the touch and the color really complements the petrol.

    Hehe... even though the teal venetia has been mine for months now, I still :drool: when I take it out of its dustbag.