Some New Purchases *pics* What To Keep?

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  1. So, here's what I have bought in the last few weeks. I hadn't posted picutres yet, I'm not sure if I'll keep it all or not.
    I'm really torn with the Metallic Carly - it would match everything (which is what I'm looking for without resorting to black or brown), but I just wish it was a bit larger (the large Carly I feel is too large for me). Any thoughts?
    Anyway, at least I got everything on sale (Opps, except the heart charm)!
    (The Denim Wedge Sandal is Style #A8237-don't know what they are called).

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  2. I love the shoes!
  3. I wouldn't keep the carly if you're still on the fence about it. There will always be other bags and I'd go for one you have that instant gratification with.

    The shoes are adorable, but if that's vachetta (sp??), that'd be horrendous to keep clean (I think).

    Everything else I'd keep if you got them at a great price, especially if you were really in the market for a new wallet.

    Good luck deciding!
  4. I think for me the shoes would have to go.
  5. If the carly isn't large enough for you, that is what I think you should send back. I do love that metallic carly though.:love:
  6. I wish I had gotten the larger Carly after living with my medium one for awhile. Really because it slouches so much it's not as big as you think it is.
  7. I'm trying to use smaller bags and the Carly is definitely smaller for me. Yesterday, when I was shopping for my RAOK Buddy (having tons of fun!), I had extra papers and stuff in her and I was wishing for some more room. I also carry my Coach planner (4x7) in my bag - maybe if I take her out, it would help.
    Today I carried my Andrea satchel. She has loads of room, but was getting quite heavy. With stuff in her she weights about 10 lbs and my Carly weighs 5 lbs. The heavy purses are getting to the point of hurting my shoulder and back, so I'm trying to scale down. I do really like my chili carly - maybe I just need to re-evalute what I carry? I'm so torn!!!!!! Metallic carly would be perfect for spring/summer, I wouldn't have to worry that she would "clash" with an outfit. Wow, talk about being confused!!! All your opinions are so appreciated. One last thing, Coach also doesn't have another bag at the moment that I "love".
  8. Out of everything, the shoes would be the first to go.....then I would decide on the Carly.
  9. I like the wallet and the charms
  10. Keep the Carly! It is a beautiful bag! I love mine! :smile:
  11. Definitely keep the bag and the accessories, but I'm not a fan of the shoes at all. JMHO.
  12. Guess I should clarify. Nothing "has" to go. My big delima is the Carly. As I posted earlier, maybe I just need to re-evaluate what I carry inside? Or I may need to investigate another designer (gasp!).
  13. The bag is cute...But only keep it if you love it
  14. Ok, I'm with what many have already said. I'm not feeling the shoes. I do love the Carly though. I also like to carry big bags (large Carly, Chelsea get the idea). But I also can get along with a smaller bag from time to time (legacy shoulder, hobo). I personally don't see anything wrong with having different sizes. Maybe Carly can just be the bag you carry when you don't need a ton of stuff.

    I love that wallet!

    Oh and OT for a second....margaritamix-your avatar pics get cuter by the minute!
  15. Wow, I'm surprised, the majority don't care for the shoes! I value all of your opinions and thank everyone for taking the time to answer. My concern with the shoes is the leather and keeping it clean. I think is venchetta (spelling?), which would probably mean that you definetly couldn't wear them in the rain!