Some new pictures (I think:)

  1. :drool: I found it on
    140m.jpeg 141m.jpeg 142m.jpeg 145m.jpeg 147m.jpeg 148m.jpeg
  2. hawt shoes ^_^
  3. wow those shoes are, wow
  4. must have shoe that looks like tortoise handles... :drool
  5. that third bag looks ah-mazing on the runway
  6. Those white shoes...I don't understand them.

    They're probably / have to be TERRIBLE for your feet. Jeez, I couldn't even imagine standing in them.
  7. I agree! actually.....despite a previous thread that had a lot of PFers trashing the bag.....I still like it! it would look sooooo nice in real life too.....i'm just imagining someone walking around downtown now with that bag......wooooooo......I'd follow her home......haha!:drool:
  8. the pics really dont do the bag justice,^^
  9. Those white shoes look like they'd hurt.

  10. On LV site they wrote , these shoes are very comfortable :smile:
  11. I love the leopard and white shoes (prefer them in black though)
  12. I love the look of those white shoes!! I can't see how there is any way they would be comfortable though.
  13. those are some KILLER shoes!! HOTT though!! I saw them at the boutique, I should have tried then on...I wonder how they feel??

  14. they had them in black at the boutique!
  15. I saw the shoes in Elle. Those white ones look like they would be murder on your feet. The ones with the chain link heel are really cool looking though.