Some new LV bag pics

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  1. they had this tiny issue of *hot* bags from a HK magazine that i read weekly
    and in it they had some pics of the upcoming new LV bags
    i haven't really seen any clearer or closer pic of them except those runway pics so i thought i'd just post them here if anyone's interested
    there aren't many of them :shame:


    Some other bags

    [​IMG] Gucci Birkin

    [​IMG]Fendi B bag

    [​IMG]I like this chanel tote :love:

    [​IMG]leopard muse!

    [​IMG]Some very nice dior gaucho in snake skin
  2. Thank you for sharing !!!
  3. I :heart: that Chanel!

    Thanks for posting!!
  4. Thanks for the pics....time to start saving up!
  5. Thanks!!!

    I've never been a Chanel fan, but I LOVE that pink Chanel bag!
  6. Thanks Lyn for scanning the pics! I still don't know if I like the miroir line or not... hmm.

    I love the Chanel bag as well and that Gucci is quite interesting!
  7. Thanks for the pics, that Chanel is so cute!
  8. I miss Asian mags! Thanks for posting the pics.
  9. Thanks for sharing !

    I really like the Gucci Birkin and the Chanel tote (so cute !). I'm not feeling the LV so much though.. blah.
  10. Ohhh a silver noe...and I didn't even like the mirror line!
  11. I must have that Chanel :shame: It is gorgeous! I wonder when that will be out...
  12. oh that CHANEL....that CHANEL !!!!! :amazed: :amazed: :amazed:
  13. I like the Channel, would love to see a close-up of the LVs!
  14. What are the details on the LV in the bottom right?
  15. Aww I like that little Multicolor mink bag
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