...some new jewelry

  1. Here are a couple pics of some new Chanel jewelry. Both earrings are studs. (the cc's w/ rhinestones are glittery,but, hard to capture in a picture)
    c1.jpg c2.jpg c3.jpg
  2. Ooh I love it all! Thanks for posting!
  3. Oooooooo, thanks for posting this!!! I love the first one, when will it be available.........or it is available right now????
  4. ...they are available now....I take all the pics myself. ;)
  5. I saw Chanel shoes in the the same dark blue and lighter blue as those bangles in your picture. I can see blue is a colour story for spring. It's so pretty!
  6. :love::love: Love those accessories!! :love::love: *ooohh* I REALLY need to control myself!! Im like an insatiable shopping addict! *happie_berrie sighs at herself*
  7. Thanks DJO!!!!
  8. aww thanks DJO!!

    btw is $675 for one bangle or the whole set?
  9. It should be for whole set Jen..I think :confused1:
  10. ^ hopefully! $675 for one bangle is insane, even if it's Chanel!!

    so vicky... I think all these new jewelry is calling your name :graucho:
  11. Jen!!!!

    I see that Chanel is selling a lot of bangles now in sets, I wanted the inclusion thin ones with pearls...but it came in a set and I didn't want them all :sad:
  12. ^ ohh!! thanks for letting me know Dawn! I havent seen the inclusion one but it sounds super cute, darn, there's no way to break the set apart huh? :sad: i love the white and baby blue bangle DJO posted but I dont need so many!
  13. I know what you mean!!! I only wanted one, but no can do, they are a set.
  14. gorgeous!!!

    any chance you can post more stuff hehe
  15. DJO, great jewelry! Keep the pics coming when you get new stuff!!