Some new items

  1. Here are some new items I've gotten in the last couple of weeks. I'm just now getting around to taking pictures.

    Mono Porte-Tresor International:

    Orange Perforated Pochette Plate:

    Red Vernis Cles:

    And last but not least, my dog Lucy's "Chewy Vuitton":
  2. I love the "chewy vuitton". Where did you get that from and how much?
    And love the other pieces especially the mono wallet! Nice buys :smile:
  3. Congrats! Great purchases! Enjoy!
  4. Wonderful purchases!!! And even your doggie gets a vuitton!:lol: How cute!!
  5. Does the inside of your wallet have a zipper for the coins ?

    Love the accessories :smile: Enjoy!
  6. Beautiful accessories! I love the Chewy Vuitton for Lucy - how cute! I hope you both enjoy them!
  7. Love the cles!
  8. The inside of the wallet has a snapped pouch section for coins. I love it. It's much easier to get in and out of than a zippered section. I love this wallet!
  9. congrats.
  10. Thanks for the link for the dog cute! I have a boy dog...but heck, he won't know the difference lol
  11. Nice selection! That is one lucky dog.
  12. Cute stuff!
  13. Congrats to you and Lucy!
  14. I just love the chewy vuiton it is so cool.
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