Some new agendas, Azur Bosphore Pochette, etc.

  1. Azur Pochette Bosphore:


    So nice but I wouldn't wear it with jeans...

    Trevi PM (not new but in case anyone was wondering how big it looks worn--I thought this was the GM!)

    Mini Lin Ebene Agenda PM:

    Mini Lin Agenda Dune:


    Some funky looking T&B scarf, don't like it AT ALL...(couldn't they have chosen a BETTER colour scheme?!)

  2. the Trevi PM is hot! :drool:
  3. i think Azur Pochette Bosphore is much more nicer than monogram Pochette Bosphore:yes:
  4. It's coming out in Damier Ebene, too.
  5. Thanks for posting the pics of the new stuff!!!!
    I think that scarf would make a nice contrast on Damier Azur, and i like the agendas....did you happen to see the new black agenda with koala clasp? I ordered one, tired of searching for a Panda....
  6. i'm liking the azur bosphore :yes:
  7. The Trevi is so gorgeous. I think it is going to be my next bag. :heart:
  8. Ooooo, I'm really liking the Trevi too! :yes: Thanks for posting the pics, Karman!
  9. The koala agenda with black inside and silver hardware?
  10. Wow i love them all.

  11. Whoops, I meant the black DENIM with antiqued koala clasp......I'm supposed to get it next week or so....wondered if you had seen it before?
  12. Does anyone know if the mini lin agenda will be limited? I was thinking no, but you never know these days...
  13. I've seen the blue one, not the black though.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. They're beauties! Thanks for sharing