Some new items I acquired **pics**

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  1. So I kept looking at Jill's old pics of the fall black leather bag w/ the train id tag and couldn't resist. While strolling through my Saks, there it was! I just HAD to get it!!! I've been using this bag every single day now!! Gonna be a staple I think. Hope I can still use it w/ my diaper bag come Sept!!!! :sweatdrop::crybaby:

    Finally getting around to posting pics of my new wallet that arrived 1 1/2 weeks ago from bluefly. Love the leather!!! :tup:
    misc 001.jpg misc 002.jpg misc 003.jpg misc 009.jpg misc 011.jpg
  2. A couple modeling pics...once again, forgive the ever growing belly!!! 2 months to go! Whew!!!
    misc 012.jpg misc 013.jpg
  3. NICE BAG! Great set! I still carry my Prada with my diaper bag.
  4. woohoo!!!!
    we are bag twins now!!!!lmao!

  5. ^^You were my inspiration and my bad influence!!!! :devil:
    I kept looking at your pics and couldn't help but stare at the breathtaking bag!!!

    How often do you swap out your bags?
  6. Love your new bag and wallet. Your bag is beautiful!
  7. That's just gorgeous !! Congratulations !!

    My hsb's wallet in that same color arrived -- bigger than he thought it would be. I told him honey, you can NEVER have too big a wallet heheheheheheh :smile:
  8. gorgeous bag ! hmmm im loving prada again ... bad bad bad
  9. I swap my bags out almost every day..LOL...I bought alot of new ones so Im rotating alot!
  10. Great bag. Looking good.
  11. WOW! (to the bag and the belly). Congrats on both! When are you due?
  12. Alouette, I LOVE that bag! And we have two beauties modeling it -- you with baby on board and Jill without! And it looks great either way!!

    And your wallet is so pretty with it... enjoy!!
  13. Nice! V spunky!
  14. Gorgeous bag - congrats!! I have that wallet - it's wonderful!! :tup:
  15. Thanks soo much guys! Y'all are much too kind. That's why it's like a breath of fresh air visiting here! :flowers::flowers:

    jenskar - how right you are!! never too big of a wallet..does not compute!
    kaka-I am a proud Prada convert and not looking back. I just love them...don't know why it took me so long for them to capture my :heart:!
    Jill-I'm surprised w/ as many bags as you have, you don't swap them out every hour! You're the wo-man!
    kneehighz-Thx! Due Sept 21 and it can't come soon enough! I want my body back!!!! Argh!
    Minette - You are always so nice w/ your compliments! Seems like my belly is as big as the bag! lol!
    Kelly100-Don't you just love it?! It's so soft and so functional at the same time!!