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  1. Hello,

    today I went to my local LV boutique and had a lovely chat with the deputy store manager who showed me the preliminary lookbook.

    I have to say I was overwhelmed with the amount of new bags and accessories LV will soon launch. There were so many pictures and info I had a hard time remembering any of it. In addition, the preliminary lookbook is written in cryptic French/English.

    Anyway: the Suhali line will get another colour: verone, which is a type of grey. In addition to the colour two new bags will be launched: they are very stylish and lady-like, unlike some of the Suhali older models we have seen so far.

    The rainbow of Suhali lockits will not be a bright rainbow, but consists of gold/silver/brown/grey and possibly black lock-its.

    The T&B line is a mixed bag: the Damier pochette with red logo is not nice at all, while the Mono accessories with the cream logo are quite cute. I especially liked the agenda cover with the logo placed in a way that one half of is seen on the front, and the other half on the back. The T&B pochette cles is hideous! There will be a T&B belt as well: made of Mono Canvas with the T&B logo as the buckle. The buckle most likely will be made of metal.

    Denim: black Denim is mentioned but not shown. All I read is that there will be bags, a belt and possibly a wallet and agenda cover. I am also sure that the current range of blue Denim accessories will be expanded as well.

    Damier Geant: Damier geant may get its own line of accessories: a wallet/agenda cover and a pochette cles. I stress the may!

    Inside scoops: in my corner of the world the LVOE totes have not sold well, and LV fears that with the launch of LVOE II some of the LVOE I customers will feel ripped off.
    The navy polka dot line's performance was lacklustre; and the alligator Marylin do not sell well either. The main concern is that these bags are too trendy and will look dated soon.
    The beige Olympe bags did not sell as well as the ecru Olympe bags.

    Saw some special order bags too: red ostrich, blue alligator... LV actually will use more exotic leather this coming season: besides the men's exotic bags, I saw belts and accessories as well. A belt in croc/alligator will cost about 1500 Euro...
  2. thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Thanks for the update.
  4. Wow thanks so much for all that info!
    I prefer the Ecru Olympe to the beige...
    I don't think the LVOE totes sold well mainly because of the price tag but i think more people are concidering the LVOE2 totes more.
  5. thanks for the info!
  6. Thanks for the info. I was dying for some LV scoop. :smile:

    The T&B belt and agenda cover sounds nice. Is the agenda cover the pocket agenda or a larger sized one?

    Yup I can imagine how the LVOE 1 customers would feel after having paid 2.5 times more for the LVOE "concept". Not good.
  7. Thank you very much for all of the info!! :smile: Can't wait to see everything when it launches!
  8. Thanks for the information.
  9. I think the reason for a lot of slow sales could be the amount of new things out it's just one after another after another & they've all had high price tags
  10. ^That is very true: like I said the preliminary lookbook is packed with new items (wallets, bags, belts, agenda covers etc.), and the release date chart shows that every month new lines/new things will be released.

    Personally, I think it is too much... LV is oversaturating its market, but as the deputy said LV does not really care if one line like the Navy Polka Dot does not sell well. The profit margins are so high and other, more successful lines carry the losses.
  11. I believe it is the usual size LV uses for its silk-screened covers, the pm if I am not mistaken.
  12. great! thanks! no new info about suhali speedies?? i'm dying to know about 'em...hoping one will be a birthday present!
  13. Thanks for all the exciting info! Please keep us posted :biggrin:
  14. Ooh thanks for the scoop! Looking forward to the T&B agenda, I'm thinking of getting an agenda in framobise but was kinda hesitant about going all girly :p
  15. I hope all the new stuff isnt Too expensive...
    Cause alot of it sounds really nice.
    Guess you can't put a price on quality right?