Some new goodies: Satin, Azur, Inclusion, and something else!

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  1. A little tease...:graucho:
  2. Show me Plsssssssssssssssssss :tender: did you get an Azur speedy 30?
  3. You've been a busy girl!
  4. I know you are getting clear inclusion bracelet..what else?? :graucho: :graucho:
  5. Satin Jewelry Pouches!

    Brown one is mine...MC one is for my mom.


  6. Oh my..I saw them in the store pretty and got two..:drool: :drool: what else:graucho: ..
  7. Beautiful...Now I need to get some jewelr :smile:
  8. Azur Mini Pochette & Cles

    Inclusion Bracelet & Ring

    Snowflake pins

    My SA is also going to try to get me a gold papillon...I am hopeful, but I won't be too disappointed if he can't get one for me.
  9. Wow.. those jewelry cases are TDF. :drool: Gorgeous azur items, and inclusion stuff!
  10. Wow got awesome them all...Congrats!!!

    Good luck with papi, I hope you get it!!!
  11. How I wish they were both mine! They're both so gorgeous...I had a hard time deciding which one I wanted. My mom liked the MC one because it has a vibrant red interior, so I thought why not buy both! :yes: One for her and one for me :wlae:
  12. Oh Elle, your new goodies are :drool: :drool: :drool: . Thanks for the inside pics of the clutch, it looks so useful with the numerous pockets :smile: .

    Congrats!! :party:
  13. wow great new items! love the jewelry pouches and the azur, the snow flake pins are super cute!
  14. OMG NICE HAUL! I love everything you purchased! Those jewelery pouches are so lovely!

    I love those snowflake pins. Do you mind me asking what the retail is on them??
  15. Thanks everyone!

    Crystal, the pins were $390. I think I remember seeing these before the price increase...I should've gotten them then! :cursing: