some new gifts from my husband

  1. 2 weeks ago i recieved some new gifts from my husband without any special reason :roflmfao: . I can't believe that only in a week , i have got 4 new handbags :graucho: . OMG , i love them so much .
    Here they are :

    2 Burberry bags :
    the Nova check was purchased on Monday and when we came back to Burberry on Friday for windowshopping :rolleyes: , we saw the pink bag was on sale 20% , so i got it as 2nd gift :lol:

    Chanel valentine bag - my love , i have got a hobo one in white and now is a flap in pink. I love Chanel :heart:

    Juicy couture terry baby fluff - love it :heart: even a girl said to me that it is not worth the price :mad:
    PICT1894.JPG PICT1953.JPG PICT1959.JPG
  2. You're one lucky lady! I absolutely love the chanel flap its beautiful.
  3. I've never seen the pink Burberry IRL, but I love the way it looks :love:
  4. Great colors! Enjoy them all.

  5. how rude!!
  6. Oh wow, that Chanel bag is so nice!! congrats on the new bags!!
  7. I love them all! Congrats on your new bags!! :smile:
  8. what a lucky woman you are

    and what a smart husband you have
  9. Ditto! Those Burberry's are so pretty!
  10. how lucky!!!
    congrats, they're all beautiful(:love:the Chane!!!)
  11. the pink burberry is such a pretty color!
  12. WOW, lucky ducky! The last gift I got was a Baby Ruth bar.
  13. What a sweet husband you have! I love the Chanel! Congrats and enjoy!
  14. Congrats! You have a very sweet hubby! The Chanel bag is so cute.:love:
  15. You are one lucky lucky lady! Your hubby is very sweet! I love that Channel!