Some new family members

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  1. These I got from Corey at RDC she is so awesome to work with. I am so happy I chose them. Can't wait to use them. Thanks to everyone who helped me decide to buy some coin purses and an envelope clutch.

    I am still waiting on my Marine SGH PT and Tempete Pochette from Erica which will be here next week hopefully, I will post pics when I receive them.

    So here are my new family members:

    09 Anthracite Envelope Clutch
    08 Saddle Mini Mini Coin Purse
    08 Charbon Coin Purse
    08 Argent SGH Coin Purse
    08 Marine Coin Purse (bought with store credit I had at RDC)

    These were taken with flash:



  2. These were taken without flash:



  3. Did you have any accessories before? I am too scared to step into the accessory zone... and therefore don't have any accessories. :Push:

    What bags did you replace to get these babies?
  4. I had a Maldives compagnon, 08 Anthracite Coin Purse and 09 Black Make Up before I got these babies. I love Balenciaga accessories.

    I didn't consign any bags I bought these babies with my vacation pay actually.
  5. ^^Even better! I remember you had some great bags, would not have liked to give those up!

    Congrats again.
  6. One big happy family!! Congrats.
  7. Thanks ReRe.

    I think you should dabble in the accessories, I treat mine with LMB products once I receive them so I don't worry about them and haven't had a problem yet.
  8. Thanks tresjoliex it will be a bigger family soon :biggrin:
  9. Love that mini mini!
  10. Love the mini mini !!! Hope to see a family pics when the others arrived :biggrin:
  11. Wow !!! Lovely members in your family !!
  12. It is cute isn't it?! It is my first mini mini

    I will post pics of when the others arrive for sure

  13. Love your accessories. CONGRATS!!! Cannot wait to see your new buys from E!
  14. hi there! im so glad u decided to get the envelope! when u PMed me for my opinion on the envelope i wasw hoping ud decided to get it and u did!! yay!!!! mod pics pleaseeee!!!
  15. Yes thank you for convincing me to get the envelope so glad I did.

    I am not sure about mod pics..I never take any good ones lol