Some new fall purchases :)

  1. I purchased these three items over the weekend:

    Laila Azhar dress - I got it in black from Cusp...very cute, but a little big at top, so it's going through some alterations. My dress obsession continues into the fall.

    Marc by Marc Jacobs corduroy coat - I ordered this from Nordstrom...hopefully, it will be here on Wednesday. I'm really excited about this jacket because I have been looking for something transitional for the fall.
  2. I LOVE the dress.
  3. oh that dress is lovely :biggrin:
  4. Thanks for sharing your shopping -- those jumper dresses are really in style this season. I love them!
  5. I love that coat too! Beautiful!
  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: That coat is to die for! Post a pic with it on when you get it! Just lovely!! :heart: Emmy
  7. the dress is lovely and the coat is adorable too!!!!:biggrin::heart:
  8. Oh Suli, you have great taste! You need to post in the 'post your outfit for today' thread puhleaaase?!
  9. ^ Thanks! :shame:

    I'm a little worried about the jacket now because I heard that they are cut more fitted. We'll see...hopefully, the jacket will arrive tomorrow.
  10. Love the jacket!
  11. I got the jacket in my office today. Will post pictures later this evening...I think it's actually a little bigger, especially in the sleeves, than I thought it would be. Could use everyone's advice on the be continued later.
  12. love the dress!
  13. Wow, I love that dress, and the jacket is to die for!!!!
  14. I love both; especially the dress! :biggrin:
  15. Love the Marc Jacobs! I have last years corduroy jacket and it is so warm for being lightweight.
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