Some New Epi Info...

  1. Just came back from My LV shopping trip... got my mom and myself a neverfull both in MM. Got to touch my sunset blvd.. It sux cant pick to up till tomorrow.. I am super happy since thats the only one they ever recieved in store!! Whew.. Lucky,I put my name down early and have to thanks everyone for your lovely infos..... !! :yahoo:
    My old SA is always on vacation now he only works 4 days a week thats why I got a new SA .. he is super super nice.. the best ever in Lee Garden, Hong Kong.

    EPI : Got a Confirm from this new SA that the Epi will definitely be coming in purple.. he said it will be close to a lilac color and should be launching in July .. I already have my name down for a speedy .. :rolleyes: I am crossing my fingers and hopefully it will be coming earlier .. cant wait.. !!

    ** YAH... I am picking up my sunset blvd tomorrow **
  2. Thanks for the info!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see it....if it's close to Lilac then I'll take the Lilac off my list and not mess with eBay!
  3. Yea.. I wish that it will come close as well.. I will try to convinence him to find me a pic ... heee !! then we can all find out !!
  4. Can't wait to see the new Epi colour! Thanks for the info.
  5. Thank you for the Epi info! Lilac sounds real pretty....yummm....yeah, I think the Speedy would look great in that colour!
  6. Thanks for the Epi info!! Close to Lilac...., Can't wait to see it!!!

    Congrats on your Neverfull and Sunset!! Pics pretty please (especially Sunset when you get it)?
  7. Hmmm... I'm anxious to see the new purple Epi color!!! :biggrin:
  8. Here are the family pic of the neverfulls.... ^^ I am thinking if I should switch mine to GM ... :confused1:
    Cant wait to pick up the sunset blvd tomorrow.. I couldnt believe begging dont work ( I still havent tell my BF abt the Sunset Blvd... heee.:graucho: he is not a big fan of vernis.. Haa.. but I am glad he said that I could getting the Purple Epi Speedy with a matching wallet... and the Nimbus PM :rolleyes::yahoo::nuts:)
    neverfullpull.jpg Neverfulls.jpg Neverfullnormal.jpg
  9. Thanks for the info! Pics look fab!....Congrats! I can't wait to see the new Epi color!
  10. Yay, thanks for the pics!! It looks great with the Love bandeau!:yes: The GM must fit tons, yes?
  11. Yea it does .. since mom already have an MM I am thinking if I should exchange it for the GM ... cos I am taller and bigger than her the bag looks so small on me by comparison !!
  12. oh, i was hoping for a real purple! like a royal!
  13. I'm glad you said that. As I was reading the posts I was thinking is no one gonna mention a Royal Purple :confused1:

    Feeling slightly gutted...:sad:

    Thanks for the info tho and congrats on getting the Neverfull! :yes:
  14. Glad to know that purple Epi is not just a myth and I really want to see the color IRL!
  15. Didn't they already have a lilac/purpley color out in Epi?