Some new cuties :)

  1. So I went out yesterday to meet friends and stopped by my local boutique to see my SA and saw some adorable little things I just needed to have, hehe. Firt I got this little bag its jersey silver sparkly small flap, just adorable. Also Two pairs of flats one in all black and one navy and white, I actually really wanted the silver ones too that ladydeluxe has but they didnt have my size :sad: Maybe I will stop by NM this weekend. They are really comfy and i will wear them all the time. Oh and i also got a silver wallet which is REALLY TDF but I needed to sleep on it, and bc it was the only thing i could think about last night I called this AM and ordered it so I'll post it when it gets here. Also got prada flats which i didnt include;)....Let me know what you think.....oh and saw the "Drill" in the lookbook and decided its a MUST HAVE:shame:

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Cute, congrats!
  5. ooooooh, what a lovely bag. The flats are adorable as well:love:. Congrats on your new purchase!!
  6. Thanks GTOfan and Orchidlady :smile:
  7. woohooo! LOVE that cute silver flap (wish it was in leather..) hehe we need modeling piccies... and possibly upclose ones of the cute flap and shoes! i hope you do find the silver flats in your size.. they would totally match that silver flap of yours.. i love them to death and my mom thinks they're cute too :graucho:
  8. oh cute!!!!!! love the flats
  9. really cute flap!!! love that silver color, and your flats are also adorable!:tup:
  10. i think your silver flap is SO cute!!!!!!!!i LOVE the size and the color!
  11. Wow, the bag is gorgeous and so are the shoes. Congrats!
  12. Cute bag!
  13. oh the little flap is so cute!I like your new flats too esp the black!Congrats!:yes:
  14. Ooh great purchases!

    I want to see your new silver wallet too! I've been looking for a good Chanel wallet to be my first Chanel piece and I'm very interested to see which one you got!
  15. Ohhh! I looove your metallic flap!! :love: