Some new colours and styles for Paddies and other chloe bags....

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  1. I don't think I like those colors:nogood:.....
  2. Interesting..........not sure about the colors, but those things (odd colors) have a way of sneaking up on us. In the past, I bought a rainbow of Marc Jacobs. I prefer earthy colors - browns, carmels, blacks, with an occasional pop of color.
  3. I don't like the antique-y effect ones at all in the pics. The tangerine and lime look great in the pictures but I think I'd be unlikely to carry these colours.
  4. I saw the Paddington at Saks and it was definitely not the price Bluefly lists it at - it was closer to $1800
  5. Hmm, I saw that green one in a picture a SA sent to me. I don't have anything to wear with that, even in spring/summer. I do think it's kinda neat to look at, same with the orange. It's just not me.

    I am looking for an awesome wallet that I can carry with all/most of my bags. I don't really want it to match any of my bags, but instead I want to get a smile everytime I pull it out of my purse. I'm thinking orange may be fun, but I'm still not sure. It does seem like a "happy" color.:yes:
  6. Yeah I was reading on the Gucci subforum that bluefly embelishes on their retail price so that their 20% off price is actually the same as retail!
  7. How about a patent? I like the new patent paddington, and I am eyeing the patent elvire wallet!! Just wish it was a little cheaper....
  8. Hmmm, the tangerine and the dark lime make me want to eat them but I definitely couldn't carry them. They wouldn't suit me at all.

    They would look hot on someone else, for sure. :yes:
  9. Hmm, wonder how the tangerine and gazon look in real life? I've noticed that the colors of leather of Chloe bags look different under different lighting conditions. And, definitely look different on computer.
  10. Not feeling those colors in a bag...but a wallet would be is a happy color
  11. I like the color variety and am thinking about the orange or lime twist to wear with a basic jeans/tees type outfit. Know what is probably coming next (is this blasphemy?) a multicolored pastel Paddy - all the hues in one bag! LV or somebody else is doing it already....and the lock could be a color too!
  12. ^ Yes, there were also quite a lot of multi-coloured bags in the S/S '08 shows, weren't there? Miu Miu (harlequin clutch :heart: ), Matthew Williamson for Pucci (triangular-patchwork long-strapped hobos) and of course, that Chloe clutch with all the clasps. :yes:

    Also, Fendi did the multi-coloured triangular-patchwork To You Clutch for A/W '07.

    Definitely a trend. :yes: