some new chanel stuff...

  1. i typically do not post my new purchases...if for any reason it's because I'm too lazy to shoot the pics and post them!! lol! but i was inspired by fieryfashionista to post some cute new things i got..just the accessories.

    the bags are too much of a hassle..have to take out of box, duster, etc. you know the drill...

    like fiery, I am a Chanel accessories junkie!

    I am a BIG TIME Chanel belt collector. I love Chanel belts.

    also, got another pair of the crystal cc earrings.

    here are a few things:
    chanel stuff 001.jpg chanel stuff 002.jpg chanel stuff 003.jpg
  2. oops! not all the pictures loaded...hang on
  3. Ohhh, I can't wait to see dbt - I'm inspirational haha, who knew? ;) ITA about it being a process to take and post pictures (especially of bags!), which is why I don't do it so often :smile:

  4. belt and another pair of earrings
    earring 3.jpg
  5. Ohhh! I was going to buy those camelia earrings haha, so pretty! And I have that ring too (not the necklace though, hmm haha..), I love it all, you have great taste!!
  6. this is the belt that matches the necklace and earrings...

    did the picture come out? btw, those are NOT my red sheets!

  7. Ohhhh, cute belt, I saw this at NM at SHM! The pics all came out :smile:
  8. the third pair of chanel earrings, classic cc rhinestone post are the medium size, not pictured.
  9. love them all especially the sunnies. Congrats.

  10. thanks fiery!! I love all of your stuff too!! great pearl iconic earrings in your posting!
  11. Thanks Bull! you know the sunnies are awesome! they are really light on the face and are nice and big (if you like big sunglasses).
  12. Oh, I love these, black is my fav color...I wonder if I could still find a pair
  13. :nuts: I love the camelia belt! You've got great taste, dbt!:yes:
  14. If you find them, GET THEM!

    they are GREAT for everday! i hvaen't even used my diamond studs lately because these are so cute.

    good luck!
  15. LOVE 'em!! Especially the sunnies - they're HOT!!! :love: