Some new BLING to drool over..

  1. Hello all! About 10 months ago I lost my engagement ring, after 6 months of searching I put in the claim and now finally have my replacements.
    My original ring was a platinum Tacori band with canary and white diamonds and a 2.51 princess cut diamond. The pieces I replaced it with are a 1.55 cushion cut in a halo setting and a 4 carat 4-prong tennis bracelet.
    I always loved my first ring but I am totally gushing over my new pieces. Thanks for letiing me share. :smile:

    Here is the original ring...

    Here are the replacements...
  2. Gorgeous!!!
  3. very nice! Congrats!
  4. This is one gorgeous replacement.
    Congratulations! I love it.
  5. Wow!!! That is beautiful!!!! and I love the bracelet!!!! Congrats!! :tup:
  6. Way to upgrade! Sorry to hear you lost your first one but this one is STUNNING!
  7. Wow~~seriously drooling over your new bling!!!! Way to go, girl!!!!!
  8. Stunning pieces, you have great taste
  9. love the ring
  10. Gorgeous - congrats:smile:
  11. Beautiful!!!
  12. They are gorgeous, congrats!
  13. gorgeous absolutely gorgeous.
  14. I love it!
  15. WOW... I cant read some of what you wrote becuase if goes off the screen... but I sware I saw a ring like this at Tiffany's and we fell in love with it. Is this a Tiffany's ring?