Some new bags from the collection fall/winter 2007

  1. check these new bags.

    I fall in love with the W26 (but it's not very practical to use it everyday. maybe it will be perfect for a working girl :yes: ).
    the Paddock is very original with a very beautiful mix : Barénia and Crinolin.:drool:
    the design of the gabi mm is not original but so "hermès"
    SacGabiMMveauchamonix4ou5000.jpg sacW26veauepsom 2750€.jpg SacPaddocken crinolin et barénia1400.jpg
  2. Oh so nice Specialist! Thank you for thinking of us and sharing. Please post anything you have when it comes your way!!! I love seeing all the new things.:flowers:
  3. thanks for sharing! i love sac en V!
  4. Gorgeous SP! thanks for posting. The W26 is beautiful! Is it true that the Paris-Bombay will be coming in the MM size?
  5. Thank you, Specialist for posting!! Really appreciate it. BIG HUG!:flowers:
  6. It's true ! :yahoo:
    PM / MM / GM
  7. The sac en V is the Gabi (veau chamonix) around 4 or 5000 €.
    The red one is the W26 in veau epsom around 2800 €
    The paddock is the one in barénia and crinolin around 1400 or 1500 €
  8. Thanks, SP!
  9. That's awesome. Any idea as to why the bag is named W26? Is it 26cm--looks like it would be bigger? :confused1: I am really loving this bag!:love:
  10. The W26 is lovely!! Oh my goodness, and I LOVE the Sac en V in red!!
  11. Oooh! I like the W26, too. Thanks so much for posting the pix for us!
  12. the Paddock - do you have the measurements - it's adorable - thanks
  13. Dear SP, I hate to contradict you but in the Hermes ad where the girl stands in front of the shopping window with the horse in Rue Fbg (latest Vanity Fair), the Sac en V has the same shape as the one that you describe as the W26.
    I read your first post this way from left to right
    Sac en V, Gabi, Paddock.
    Am I correct? Thanks!!!!:flowers: :flowers:
  14. thanks for sharing..
  15. I think I like the Sac En V more than the Plume ... Hm, perhaps I should get saffron ostrich Sac En V instead of saffron ostrich Plume Elan in the future ...