...some new accessories

  1. Here are a few new accessories to check out.
    bracelets.jpg barrett.jpg black earrings.jpg
  2. oh! I love the white bracelet!!!!
  3. I love the white bracelet too! Well.. I love the black one too but not the price of it! :p
  4. Nice !!!!!!!!!
  5. I wonder if I would ever use that hair barrette if I were to buy it? I'm always looking for something to tie my hair back with... do you suppose the barrette is good at that or just an ornament for the hair?
  6. DANG..those earrings look GINORMOUS...LOL.
    Cute stuff but crazy price for costume jewelry....
  7. Love it, very cute! The bracelets are TDF!
  8. i really love the white bracelet !!! Does every NM carry accessories?
  9. Love it all.:heart:
  10. Are these accessories from the SS/2007 ligne?
  11. Ohhh I want the white bangle, it's so pretty! :smile:

  12. Beautiful! I got myselft a barrette like your but in pink.
  13. SO pretty everyone of them!!! :love:
  14. the white one is really gorgeous IRL, i was just playing with it at the chanel boutique. My store had all of those items in stock aswell!

    thanks for the pics btw.please keep them coming :smile:
  15. Love the bangles!