...some new accessories

  1. Here are some new accessories for the spring.
    belt.jpg purple butterfly necklace.jpg white ring.jpg black cc necklace.jpg
  2. Thanks for the pics. Always nice to see the new items.
  3. I love that black necklace-thanks for posting!
  4. Does the black necklace come in white???
  5. Not that I've seen.
  6. ^ooh, that purple butterfly is just gorgeous! may i ask how much it is?
  7. $725. I usually put the prices right on the pictures. There is a matching belt, too.
  8. love the belt
  9. LOVE the belt and the necklace!!I may have to buy that belt..LOL..argh
  10. That butterfly necklace...!!!
  11. thanks for the pics! I also love the belt and the butterfly necklace!
  12. I really like that black necklace. Are there earrings to match?
  13. What she said !!!
  14. :love: Like the butterfly...there are really some very nice butterfly accessoires in the new spring collection. You know the 3 little black buttons, as shown on the CC-Homepage? They're so cute :love:
  15. I love both necklaces & the belt not keen on the ring.