Some needed ADVICE! Trevi or Azur NF...Disneyland?

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  1. I need some's my dilemma:

    So I've been saving up and now has enough for a brand new Trevi PM, however, it just hurts to see close to 2 grand spent on just one purse. I have been looking for a really good condition pre-loved Trevi but they're all going for 1300-1400. I think with everyone getting a tax refund, bids are getting higher. If they're around that price, I might as well get it brand new.

    I am also going to Vegas in May for a friend's wedding and will drive the 3 hours to LA to take my kids to Disneyland. I was hoping to use some of the money I've saved up for that trip. With that being said, I was going to get the Azur Neverfull MM and use the rest for the trip. If it wasn't for the trip, I would have no problem deciding...but if I get the NF then I will have to start my savings all over again. I'm a SAHM and a student so that makes saving kind of hard.

    Another thing: I sold my Mono Speedy 30, Damier NF GM, Epi Alma to fund my Trevi. I hate to have sold all these bags to get the Trevi and then not be able to get it...that will hurt!

    What to do?
  2. Thats tough. It sounds to me that the Trevi Pm has been your dream for to longest. I would get that and save a bit (between now and May) for Disneyland.

    I have a feeling if you get the Neverfull you will still grave and want the trevi and the waiting and saving will seem to take forever...
  3. The Trevi was my HG, and I have to say, that I have NO REGRETS. It was sooo worth it. I love carrying my Trevi so much, I really can't decide on my next bag, because my Trevi is so perfect.

    I had the money for the Trevi, and went with another bag first, and regretted it. If you've been saving for the Trevi, get it, and continue to save for Disneyland.

    Good luck!
  4. dotnative, I have been longing for that bag forever! but once I tell myself I'll just go ahead and get it, I start drowning in guilt. My DB keeps telling me to use the money for the trip, of course he would say that so can't really talk to him about it.
  5. crystalrnc, isn't she just PERFECT??!! that's exactly how I feel about the Trevi, if I get her then I'll be good for the entire year. It's really the guilt that I'm having to deal with.
  6. If Disneyland is something that you have already done then I would get the bag but if you or your kids have not been there then I would take the trip........sometimes family memories are worth more then a bag!
  7. I'm with you on spending 2K on one purse. I can't even bring myself yet to spend 1K on one. I personally would rather have a few bags than 1 expensive one, but that's because of my lifestyle and personality. It sounds like you've gone to great lengths to save, and gave up some nice classics for this one. If you think the Trevi will satisfy your needs (practical and wishlist), then go for it!
  8. Yes, she really is such a GREAT bag. I'm not a 'different bag-a-day' girl; I just like to have a few stunning bags to alternate around. Trevi definitely fits the bill. I love satchels, but lets face it, sometimes you need to be hands free, and I love that Trevi has that option. Plus she gets A LOT of looks.

    I remember the first time I bought my first $$$ bag. I spent over $1700 on it; I was signing the receipt and nearly fainted :roflmfao:. So, I know guilt!

    I can truly say though, that you forget the price w/ the Trevi, because it's just so beautiful, and is so satisfying to carry.

    Lastly, you won't see it nearly as much as speedy's, neverfulls, totally's, etc. :tup:
  9. missmegan, the Disneyland trip will be their first time. The DB is paying for the trip but I wanted to contribute so that the trip can be comfortable and not have to be so tight. We're going on the trip whether I contribute or not...the thing is I would like us to be comfortable and not have to worry about our spendings.

    scaredycat, yea $2k on one purse still blows my mind...kind of hard to get over. I buy a lot of pre-owned too (all the ones that I've sold.) That's why I was really hoping to come across a good conditioned & reasonable pre-owned Trevi somewhere but their prices now are so jacked up. Even a pretty used one went for $1350 the other day.
  10. All great points and I concur with everything!!! And that's why I want her so bad.
  11. In my opinion, Disneyland is a waste of money. It will cost you at least $200 to get in, and it is SO crowded you won't really be able to get on as many rides as you want to. Plus the food is so overpriced!! I understand it is for your kids, but I wouldn't waste the money (plus a 3 hr drive--not fun!). Get your Trevi brand new, you won't regret it.
  12. Trevi! You sold 3 bags to get it! Buy it, put yourself on a ban and save for Disney!
  13. ITA good point. Get your Trevi already and treat yourself !!
  14. Since you sold other bags to fund the Trevi, you should get it. I have the Trevi PM -- you won't regret getting it!!
  15. i would FOR SURE get trevi. no question. you don't NEED a nf for disneyland.. disneyland would ruin the vachetta on the nf anyway.