Some Mulberry News

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  1. A friend of mine was in the Mulberry store in NYC today and she found out some interesting bits of news.

    1. Mulberry is closing their factory in China.

    2. They're doing a price increase in the Spring (we're thinking because the China factory is closing soon).

    3. The Taylor is being discontinued after this season, so grab yours up if you've been thinking about getting one!
  2. Wow!! The closing of the Chinese factory really surprises me. I wonder if there was some sort of backlash?? It seems odd as so much manufacturing is moving into China, not out of it.
  3. Very interesting to know !!
    Also glad the price increase isn't this fall, it gives me more time to save up for a quick purchase before spring ! Yikes with all these increases how will I be able to afford Mulberry in the years to come ?!
  4. Prices in China are increasing and most European countries are relocating their activities from there- labour costs have increased massively over the last few years
  5. I read that Mulberry will become a new designer and he will produce the bags in England from the summer collection 2013.
  6. I love all the rumours and gossip! Rather hoping that this particular one is true:smile:
  7. Oh let's hope the rumours are true about producing in England. One thing I like about mulberry is that it's a British company & I'd rather buy British & support British company's & workforce if I can, but if the bags come from outside the uk it kind of defeats the object.
  8. Yes I have heard somewhere that Emma Hill may have been poached by an Italian luxury house. Not sure though as I cannot remember where I saw it.

    If they produce ALL bags in England then I can understand an increase in prices (to a certain extent) as their staff need to be paid properly and the UK is an expensive place (although mostly it is about increasing their profits).:P
  9. It would be great if the price increase was in spring and not before christmas!

  10. European price increase will happen before spring....sorry CP :tdown:
  11. Ugh I hope the seasonals don't go up in price! Do you know Moo?
  12. No CP. :nogood:
    My best guess would be core stock increase next month and seasonal stock increases as new lines roll out....:thinking:
  13. Thanks Moo
    I want to pick up one or two seasonals ;). so glad I sorted out my classics first though. Sigh I think my love affair with Mulberry will really have to come to an end.

  14. I was told by the manager in house of fraser that they have heard nothing about a price increase and if it is happening then they have to be told 6 weeks before but the manager is seeing her manager end of oct so will know more then if and when it happens
  15. Ooh that is interesting that Emma Hill is supposedly going and glad M are hopefully going to be making their bags in England!