Some more sleuthing on LB...

  1. MAM in ruby AND in violet! That's the best thing I've heard all day! :shame: Thanks Daniela!
  2. daniela 127, our resident hacker ;) Thanks for the info!
  3. Is the purple the same dark purple as for the new matinee? If so I would love to order one. does anybody know if the MAM purple has the gold bottom or the normal leather one?
    Thanks so much for the links and your help, ladies.
    After my first RM matinee I'm obsessed with her bags and my list gets longer and longer.
  4. Is the violet actually that bright? the delcina picture looked like a darker purple.
  5. For anyone interested in any of these bags, Luna Boston will probably let you pre-order them. I pre-ordered one that is not listed here and the link was similar to this. However, I would not order from these links, I would call them and have them send you the right one. They will also help you apply the code :smile: They did this for me last week.