Some more opinions please....


Ink vs anthra PT

  1. Ink City (Diabro)

  2. Anthra PT RH (Diabro)

  3. wait and keep searching for anthracity???

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  1. Ok, so I've been searching... well sort of with my limited resources... for an Anthracite City RH.... but not much luck... if I dont find one :sad:.... which of the above do you recommend or should I just wait and/or keep searching???

    please vote and opinions would be appreciated! :tup:

  2. I say wait and find your heart's desire :yes:

    Try calling a Saks or NMs or Nordies and see if they can help you.
  3. Sorry, I can't see your poll...Anyway's, I would wait for the Anthracite. I LOVE mine. It's the best leather - you can't lose...There is an Anthracity GH Work on eBay now I think...
  4. they dont ship here... :crybaby:

  5. the work is a little too big for me...and I'm already getting a Plomb GSH PT... cant justify having too many GH bags even though I love the GH... I love the RH even more and its a classic the RH... I think 3 GH bags is enough for me...