Some more new Sabrina info! :)

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  1. So while I was at Coach today I looked through the look book. There are so many different Sabrinas coming out! The first ten or so pages were all different Sabrina bags. I wish I had thought to bring my camera. I'd have been able to take pictures.

    Anyway we already know about Patent colors, but the green and black will be out in the small size. The larger size will be in green, black, or a beige patent (I forget the exact name of this color). It's was listed as 698, which thrilled me!

    The small leather was in black or espresso. The large was in black, espresso and I think one other color I don't recall (I didn't see red leather one that was in a September magazine recently.

    They had that wave stripped two colored Sarbina that was mentioned by Suzzeee. I don't think I really like this one - I'll have to see it in person.

    What really caught my eye was the metallic ones! It will be in the large size in a light gold metallic and a brown/bronze metallic. I think that bronzey one would be beautiful. Can't wait to see it in person.

    They also had that new optic print C (the retro looking one like on that bag that was in Marie Claire). Also another one that had a pattern in black with what looked like suede that was pretty.

    They had a 'travel size' black leather one too, which is bigger than the large and also several of the exotic ones that are pricey (I didn't pay too much attention to these).

    I can't wait to start seeing all these Sabrinas in person come the end of September/beginning of October! :yahoo:
  2. Me too. I can't wait to check them all out. I really want a RED bag for christmas. I'm thinking Zoe or maybe for a change, a sabrina. We'll see. I am soooooooo excited for Fall.
  3. thanks for the update
  4. I need to go to my boutique and look at the 'wish book'!
  5. I checked out the Lookbook again today too and it was indeed so full of Sabrinas! I still love the Ombre ones - wish they had a pic of the green and the purple too - each of them has 3 shades in it. In addition to the ones Rubyjul's mentioned, thee was also an Inlaid Leather Sabrina in a BlackBrown combo that looked pretty cool and I think it was $798; also an exotic blue/black faux python at $1200 and both Python and an Ostrich one at crazy prices - like $4k I think they were. The Travel Sabrinas came in Black and Brown only. I thought the Green Patent ones looked nice too and was also glad to see the $698 price on those instead of the $1k we'd all heard! The beige patent color is called Camel. The Mirror finish one was interesting too -very blingy in the gold color. It looks like the mirror finish that RM did on her bags a couple of seasons ago. I'm sorry, I didn't think to write down style #'s and there's no way I could sneak a pic.
  6. I liked the green patent too, which surprised me as I'm not a green girl. At this point, so many of the upcoming ones look so nice from pictures I don't think I'll know which one to get until I can look at them in person.
  7. i remember seeing alot of Sabrinas too.. but the mirror metallic one caught my attention. Its really shiny!!
  8. Did anyone see the smaller satin sabrina that was mentioned in another thread?
  9. I didn't notice it in the book - it might be a holiday bag and not in there yet, but there were a lot of new pages so I might have missed it.
  10. Okay - I called JAX to get an update on Sabrina and I got some new info! Lg. Sabrina #12949 in leather $498 comes in Berry, Black, Espresso and Grey - she said should be available in 2 weeks, but I'm going to call end of the week because who knows maybe it will be in the system in time for PCE. The Spectator Sabrina is # 13238 but I don't think that comes out until Feb, but I've had conflicting dates on this so who knows. The Ombre Sabrina #12952 is scheduled to be available in mid Sept.
  11. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the green!!??!! i'm sooooooooo in heaven!

  12. Really?? Why did I think the large Sabrina is $598?? Did they change the prices from the pilots, or am I totally crazy?? I guess I thought the small was $398, and the large $598.
  13. I swore it was $598 too, but she said it was listed at $498 - who the heck knows - I get different answers everytime I call there!
  14. Yeah, the large Sabrina was originally $598. Someone here who saw them in a boutique a bit later during the pilot release said the price had dropped, but the tag still said $598.
  15. I know thats what we were told that the tag says $598 and i paid 598 and later they dropped the price to 498? the last couple of weeks they were pilots.