Some more new Fall/Winter Fendis *pics*

  1. For those of you who don't live close to a boutique here are some more fall purses. Prices and pics from styledrops so they may vary in stores.

    [​IMG][​IMG] Selleria $2038 (pink leather)
    [​IMG] Chef $1988 (metallic leather)
    [​IMG] Selleria $2038 (grey leather) also available in cinnamon, black, and white on eluxury

    ....oh..I thought there were more..well I'll just post the "older" fall ones here too then.
    [​IMG]Tribal Spy $2190 on elux
    [​IMG] Metallic zucca spy $2000 on elux
    [​IMG] medium metallic bag de jour $1320 on elux

    OK!! Check out the rest on neiman/Saks/elux etc online. I just realized this was too much work lol

    ** NOTE: The blueberry spy is back on elux!!!! ****

  2. Thanks for the effort!
  3. Thanks for posting! I'm really liking that metallic chef bag!
  4. Me too! the metallic chef is quite swish. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  5. nice post! i recently got the metallic spy...imo it looks cuter IRL ;o) and the metallic chef is very cute
  6. Ohhh! I like the metallic spy and metallic de jour bag. I must put the de jour bag on my want list, meanings how jomashop canceled my order for the brown one a few weeks ago.
  7. Thanks for posting...I think the sellerias are really nice but know I woudn't wear them same goes for metallic.
    The one that still tempts me is the black spy that or a bal in black are on my list...