Some more gifts from KarenKooper *PICS*!

  1. I know some other some other of my myspace friends have posted their goodies from Karen...but I have finally found the time to take some pics of my goodies, and to get my ancient camera working! So here are my goodies :yahoo: I Love each and every piece...esp the Marc Jacobs Mirror...:yes: Karen is such a sweet heart and great here are the goods!!

  2. wow..that's so cool!!!
  3. Congrats!!
    And the mirror is definitely one of my favorite things hehe. I put one of the pictures she sent (one of the rings) in a frame and hung it's just so pretty. :heart:
  4. yay Marc "M" keychain!
  5. Yay! Cool!
  6. WOW! so COOL! :woohoo:
  7. Nice! Karen is such a sweetie.
  8. Love it all! Don't you just love your MJ keychain? I have yet to use mine.
  9. wow :nuts: M mirror is fab
  10. good idea rebecca! I think I might frame a pic of two...they are so pretty!

    btw, the cds are awsome everyone! it contains great pdf photos of all the LE bags from 2005 as well as the shoes and accessoires! I love it!! I need to learn how to save the photos so I can share them with you all!
  11. cool gifts!
  12. whoa, love that M
  13. Wow, that's cool.
  14. thats soo nice of her! congrats on your goodies! xx
  15. Wow, what a fun package to recieve!