Some More Easy to Find Threads, Please

  1. There are some threads that, IMHO, deserve to bumped up to permanent place on this page -- for example, Ode to the Bolide; the Socialites and their Birkins thread; the Asian Women and their Birkins thread; the Celebrities and their Birkins thread; the Wildlife sightings thread, etc.

    If you agree, please chime in here so that our dear Mods will know that it's not just me asking.
  2. Not sure
    as I am quite a newbie
    but good to draw it to people attention
    am sure the mods will decide
    one way or other
  3. I'll second that. (even though I'm an extreme newbie).
  4. ITA about the Socialites and the Asian women threads Millstream - not so sure about Ode to the Bolide - because then all the other "odey" type threads have to go up too. Good idea.
  5. I agree with all of the suggested threads, I go looking for those regularly and it takes time...
  6. omgd, the asian women thread is a must. such eye candy.
    i agree that you maybe can't sticky one ode thread without doing all of them... unless they had a # of posts minimum or something.
  7. Not for me - I like the hunt....I don't mind flicking through the threads.
  8. I save the links on the threads I like. I have a folder in my Outlook for tPF threads that I want to keep for easy reference.

    I agree though... I'd love for the ones mentioned to be "sticky".
  9. I agree.

    i'd also add a HLFINN AND OTHER PEOPLE'S BIRKINS thread. which is just me, trying on other people's birkins. sounds good right?
  10. The Asian Women's thread, please.
  11. Sorry ladies, We can't have that many stickies at the top of the page. We need to keep it streamlined and it looks terrible when we have more than 5-6 threads at the top. If we can think of something else, we will consider it- but for now, we cannot add any more. Thank you for understanding!
  12. could we maybe have a subforum for it jag?
  13. What about if we had a separate subfolder in our forum (like the Shopping subforum and Reference Section subforum) with just the Hermes Favorite Threads section? I could then group all of those threads into that one subfolder for easy access.
  14. OMG! H- great minds think alike! We just said the same thing at the same time!

    Let me talk to Vlad and see what we can come up with! Stay tuned ladies!
  15. lol. we sure do!