Some more Bluefly Bbag authentication needed -- older purchase

  1. Sorry to ask this of you again, but how does this caramel "purse" look to you? I think it is fine but want to make sure. Hopefully if it is, it'll restore some faith in Bluefly!

    Thanks again!
    tan bbag 001 (Small).jpg tan bbag 002 (Small).jpg tan bbag 003 (Small).jpg tan bbag 004 (Small).jpg tan bbag 005 (Small).jpg
  2. The leather is a bit shiny, but the tag and rivets look right ... I would say that it seems authentic.
  3. Thanks! It is shiner in the pic than in real life. First pic was with flash. It is definitely not the older nicer leather but not as shiny as it appears.
  4. Please don't panic--the fakes on Bluefly are a recent phenomenon. Bluefly has never had problems in the past. Today seems to be a definite Event however--that and the bronze cities. Really, someone should lose their job over this.
  5. looks good to me!
  6. chigirl, it looks freakin' lovely! ;) It looks completely authentic. Funny, you were the first person I thought of when I saw the fake bags, was hoping you'd post photos.
  7. It looks good to me too too! I saw a girl with a beautiful caramel city this weekend and I about died. I never liked the color in pictures, but in rl, it's absolutely fabulous.
  8. Thanks. I really like the color too IRL even though it looked weird on bluefly.

    LouiseyPeasey -- I had never posted pics before because I felt pretty confident but this morning scared me!
  9. The fake bags don't come with authenticity cards - if that makes you feel better. I just spoke to the rep.
  10. Hi - I purchased this bronze first from love,bags, and she purchased it from Bluefly. We BOTH want to know if it's authentic, now that we're hearing horror stories about some fakes on Bluefly because if it's not, we can still return it and get our money back! We both think it's authentic. Also the serial number is: 103208 213048.
    Please let me know if you need more pictures! Thanks in advance!
    Bronzefirst2.jpg Bronzefirst3.jpg Bales.jpg Bales2.jpg Bales3.jpg
  11. ^^ Please help! ^^
  12. The bronze First looks good to me. :idea:
  13. looks good to me too :smile:
  14. ^^ Letting out a slow breath of relief.... Anyone else??
  15. Conseco, I think it looks pretty good. Some pictures of the interior would also help too, especially the tags, also a clearer picture of the bales and metalwork will help.