Some Mandarin Epis have defects???

  1. Somebody on this forum mentioned that people are seeing defects with the purchase of Mandarin Epis. Does anyone know about this?
  2. Some people complain about a "cat pee" odor that seems to affect some speedies. Other than that I haven't heard anything about any defects.
  3. The cat pee is the defect. There are a couple threads on it. Try searching the forum and they should pop up.
  4. I have an Epi mandarin bucket and no cat pee smell or defects. I think maybe it was some speedies.
  5. My mandarin speedy has a funny smell.
  6. I think it was just the Speedys. Something about the Mandarin dye reacting with the canvas lining. :flowers:
  7. Thanks for the info.
  8. Yeah the smell would be the only defect I can think of. I don't think LV would let many (if ANY) bags with serious design flaws get out of their factories.
  9. I have a Mandarin Speedy and there is nothing wrong with it.
  10. It was limited, I'm told by the 866 number, to a certain number of Speedies that were produced later in the run, with the "soft" Epi leather. Earlier Speedies do not have the problem. (Lucky ducks! I still miss mine, even though it stank to high heaven.)
  11. yep, i think only the speedies have problems.....
  12. I have a mandara pm and it smells strong (almost like a new basketball), different from my other epi bags, but not sure if it's a cat pee smell...not that I know what cat pee smells like??