Some Magic Eraser Magic!

  1. I recently decided to clean my two dirty bags with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I researched this a lot on this forum, but I never really found any before and after pics.
    I thought that this might help some people like me with questions!
    I will post some pics soon but i wanted to warn people that I would not try this on a bag that is anything but will darken light vachetta
    First I wet the eraser and then squeezed really hard
    I rubbed the full handles of my speedy and the rim around the top of my noe
    Then I used a towel that I didn't really care too much about and rubbed to get some of the moisture off
    The places cleaned will look wet for a half and hour to an hour and then they dry great
    The eraser was brown when I was done...

    So wait for a sec and pics will follow
  2. cool...cant wait to see the final results!
  3. Great job! Don't you just love M.E.?? I bet if you do it again, they will come up even better. You certainly increased the value of your pieces there. Congratulations!
  4. Thanks Cyndee! I just felt so dirty taking my Noe into the LV store haha, I'm silly, but I knew I had to do something drastic
  5. wow!
    what amazing results.
    i am going to buyMagic Eraser myself.
    thanks for the photos. i would never believe it if i did not see it.
  6. Rogicoco, thanks, thats exactly what I thought too but I decided to wing it! Good luck!
  7. I did it to my Babyleone that had set in stains on the leather for over 2 years (friends granddaughter had split coke on it)...could not believe on clean
    Magic Easer made the leather...
  8. wow!
  9. Wow, I agree, if you do it again it may even take the little remaining darkness off the speedy handles. Do not foget to condition the leather. Always condition the leather after using the magic eraser. So many members use Apple conditioner. You now have 2 great bags!!!!!
  10. WOW!! GREAT JOB, esp on the Noe!! :tup:
    They looks like different bags now!
  11. M.E strikes again! It's the best!
  12. Yup, magic eraser is indeed....magic. Your noe and speedy look 10 times better! You can continue going over the darker areas a couple of times to lighten them up even more.

    I'm working on a piece from let-trade too and I've gone over it about 3 times. I think I'm just about done and the vachetta looks SO much better - no more rain spots, ink marks, almost like well cared for patina. I'm almost ready to condition and rain guard.

    Magic Eraser makes LV deals possible!
  13. Great results!!! Did you use the regular ME or that Extreme one (or whatever it is called)?