...some MADELEINES to boot! (pics)

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to keep or not to keep?

  1. yay! they're cute...keep :)

  2. they look a bit too loose on you...return

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  1. hey all! i just got my madeleines...the leather is awesomely soft and smooth, it's a very floppy boot, not stiff like i thought. it's pretty comfy inside, i'd probably be able to walk around for a while in these, as it has decent support. i got 9, and i'm usually 8.5-9 with a wider than normal foot. it fits perfectly with socks.

    okay, here's the thing...my calf is around 13.5-14 inches around, and the boot is about 15.5-16" around...so its definitely too big for me. i took pics of me wearing em with leggings (scuse the wrinkly red skirt, i pulled on something so i wasn't just in leggings!), and it seems a bit baggy, but i know a lot of people like that look. personally i'm a fan of fitted boots, but i should just give up consider boots are almost always too big on me! and accept the "baggy" boot look :smile: but, they do look FAB when worn with jeans, i think!

    what do you think? keep or return? (i got em for about 50% off) please be honest!
    IMG_9925.JPG IMG_9935.JPG IMG_9936.JPG IMG_9948.JPG IMG_9961.JPG
  2. How cute! They'd be perfect with jeans!
  3. a few more pics:
    IMG_9957.JPG IMG_9962.JPG IMG_9963.JPG
  4. They look hot with jeans but IMHO not with the skirt. at 50% off I would keep them
  5. I love the boots, and the colour, but they do seem a smidgen too big for you. I agree with lulu3955, awesome with jeans, but just too large with the leggings
  6. Totally agree with lulu :tup:
  7. i love the color. i agree with the other ladies...
  8. I love the look with the jeans, as well! I voted to keep'em.:tup:
  9. For me, if I debate on anything this much, than I probably not completely in love with it. I say return it, regardless of what we say, because it sounds like it's really nagging at you, and will probably keep bothering you everytime you put them on. Always trust your first instinct.
  10. Wow, I'm really glad I didn't buy them. My calf is 12" around and they would have looked ridiculous.

    If you're debating that much, they're too expensive to keep and not wear, so i guess my vote is for returning them.

    I wish HH would size the calves so you could order a more fitted boot if you wanted.
  11. Speaking of sizing Calves, can you take them to a boot/shoe shop to get them tailored?
  12. seriously! they should offer normal and wider calf sizing...one size does not fit all. i'm thinking i might return them now, but i really love the color, the unique criss cross pattern, and how comfy it is! i think id be perfectly fine wearing them with pants only, then again i did pay a good amount for them. sigh! maybe if i love the zeldas i just got, i will return them. at least i have 30 days to decide...
  13. Yes, a good shoe person can take the calf in, but usually only an inch or so...she's got a good 4" of room, and it would change the structure of the boot to tailor it that much, not to mention cost a good bit.
  14. I hate to say it.. cuz I love them... but I think they are swimming on you Hottie... that really sux cuz I love the color...
    But it's a big investment to ONLY limit yourself to jeans with, JMHO...
    And it also probably means they won't fit me if I bought them...
  15. I'm sorry to say this but they do look too big on you. The flop would drive me bananas. :sad:

    Thanks so much for posting the pictures. Now I realize that I can stop lusting after the boots, as they would not fit me either.