some lv yums and others


spoiled little girl
Nov 26, 2006
here's a quick peek at my partial collection.
i have sold many lvs already because i feel like i am growing out of them, but these are the ones that i just can't let go...:heart:
i have others in here favorite chanel's and many gucci's that i have collected.
thanks for looking!!


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I think you are a big fan of BLACK, arent you? (see from GUCCIs)
Your LV collection looks really gorgeous...I love all of your stuffs!
Thanks for sharing the fab pics!
I think your collection would be bigger and bigger soon!!!
That's what you call "partial"? Great collection! ;)

What color are the interiors of your Chanel Cambon wallets?
thanks!!! yea..i have a few more bags that don't get out often at all, so those are away in the still in the box and never opened!
the chanel wallets are pink inside just like the bags.
thanks...i have been a really big fan of lv and gucci for most of my time collecting bags, but i am straying away from them, but can never seem to say no completely
superbag and slayer...
thanks so much.

yea..those are my 2 favorite chanels...i love them and would never even think about selling them although a few very tempting offers have ben made:graucho:
funny thing about the lvs is that i actually sold a few of the ones that are in my current collection, and realized i had to have them, so i went and bought them again!! haha!