Some LV cellphone "walls"

  1. I like to change out my wallpaper I thought I'd share some......(search, couldn't find
    azur.jpg black-multicolor.jpg groom.jpg liberty-peper.jpg LVOE.jpg
  2. Very cute!
  3. Nice, thanks!
  4. adorable :biggrin: thanks!
  5. cute! thanks for sharing
  6. No problem......heres a few more...
    cherry-blossoms-lv.jpg onatta.jpg white-muliticolor.jpg pink-cb-lv.jpg
  7. Here are some of mine that I cropped myself:
    LVceriseint.jpg LVMC2int.jpg LVMCint.jpg LVmono1.jpg LVoe1.jpg
  8. Nice Karman, I'm using Motophone tools......are you doing the same?....
  9. Fabulous!!! OK, blonde moment here but how do I get them onto my phone (I'm t-mobile).
  10. a few more....
    inclusion.jpg jackandlucy.jpg denim.jpg silver-mirior.jpg
  11. ^^ I love these, dunhill! How do I get them onto a t-mobile cell - ? XXXOO

  12. "right click save as"> save to your PC (whatever file/folder you want).....then phone tools> USB transfer to your phone (depending on what kind of handset you have....I have a Moto RAZR V3i).....
  13. Thanks...hope you don't mind if I steal this...
  14. Cool...guess I'll try bluetooth for starters :confused1:. Gorgeous wallpapers!!
  15. Nope, I crop my pictures with a graphics program, enhance the pics a little and then transfer them on my Nokia 7390 using Bluetooth.
    Love scarf.jpg LVoe2.jpg Eva CB Retro int.jpg LVCBint.jpg