some lunatic from ebay

  1. just emailed me instructing me to stop bidding on a bag. I was told to just watch it b/c i am making the price go too high and he/she wants to bid on it but the price is too high for the condition of the bag!!! he added to wait until the last minute to bid! WHAT?????????
  2. Sounds like that person wants to swipe the bag from you!!! Don't let 'em! LOL
  3. report him, he cant ssend you msgs lik ethat!
  4. Ignore that person - I swear there are some nuts on ebay! I just don't see where people get the idea that they can write things like that. ONLINE BULLIES! I hope you get the bag:smile:
  5. Report him. Don't respond to him.
  6. How rude. Report them.
  7. just reported him.
  8. ugh..some people are just nuts
  9. LOL..from the title I know it will be good..:P :nuts:

    some nuts case..keep bidding to annoy him/her..
  10. I agree!!!:yes: :yes: :yes:
  11. That is crazy, thats so rude to contact someone and tell them that. I'm a last minute bidder, BUT I would never ever think of sending a message to tell someone to stop bidding!! That is so rude!!!!:cursing:
  12. But he does have a valid point.....people just have to be the highest bidder even when the auction still has hours or even days to go. Drives up the price for everyone interested in the item. I have never personally contacted another member to tell them to stop bidding but the temptation has been there quite a few times. They're usually inexperienced newbies to Ebay. Great for sellers but sucks for us buyers. My advice? Bid at the last minute & save yourself time otherwise wasted on a bidding war and probably some moolah too.

  13. That was very rude of the guy but I do agree with the statement above. :yes:
    You'll end up spending less money if you wait until the last day or so to bid IMO.

    But he was out of line to contact you
  14. Yeah that sounds familar. Once I was bidding on a set of pictures from a concert I'd recently been to (and conveniently forgot my camera lol). So anyway I'd bid and then this girl bid about 10 times and THEN she had the nerve to email me and call me a b*tch because I had won the pictures and she didn't!

  15. Agreed!!:cursing:
    It's such a bad manner to do something like that!!