Some lucky lady...

  1. Random note...

    I was just on the Metro, coming back from a quick run to Neiman's during my lunch break. A man walks on with one GIGANTIC LV shopping bag. He got off at the same Metro stop that I did, and I caught up and spied (:shame: ) two VERY large LV boxes. So, some lucky lady will get two (I'm assuming) very lovely LV treats tomorrow! I'm so jealous!

    On another note...I was slightly disturbed by the fact that he took the Metro with presumably two really expensive items. Call me paranoid...but I have been a victim of theft on the Metro system. Every time I hop on the Metro to Neiman's to grab something, I always bring a non-descript bag with me to cart any potential purchases.
  2. Maybe it was for himself? :graucho:
  3. ^ Hahahah! But I'm jealous of whoever gets those prezzies! ;)
  4. Sonic - You're right...maybe for himself...but I'd like to think that it's for a special someone in his life. :smile:
  5. maybe it was my dad shopping for me and my mom for valentines day......!!! HAHAHA!! :roflmfao: he works around that area.........

    OT, but he has never been to a Neimans!! :push:
  6. ooh - wonder what was in the bags - lucky lady though!
  7. Maybe he secretly had a pop pistol in his belt :graucho:
  8. oooohhh lucky girls!
    ummmm.....I'm a paranoid freak about theft too but that's cuz I'm short and look like a vulnerable 12 year old...... so the chances for a MAN to be attacked is less likely imo:yes:
  9. Well, he was coming from Chevy Chase and there is an LV boutique there...I wonder if it's you! Let us know tomorrow! (He got off at Dupont Circle)
  10. I went to Georgetown and adored the metro-it seemed so safe. I guess things have changed. I even took it alone at night a few times!!
  11. Since it is Valentine's tomorrow, it is nice to see men buying nice things for their SOs. I think it rather cute when a guy comes out of Victoria's Secret with the little pink bag, or, in this case, LV with exquisite goodies!
    I guess I will side with the romantic thought that he didn't buy things for himself and instead is going to make some lucky gal (or guy) have a very fashionable Valentines!!

  12. haha.. whoever is getting it.. LUCKY!
  13. I want to emphasize that the Metro system is still very safe and much nicer than some other systems here in the US. People are mostly polite. I think I tend to be uptight about it having lived in NYC for some time.
  14. What a lucky girl.. I can't see my dad doing something like that in a million years ("yeah daddy, they're fake, who spends $1000 on a handbag?!" :angel::whistle:), and I don't have a boyfriend, but around here, I don't think expensive gifts are that normal anyways.
    Nothing is better than the feeling of carrying aroung *huge* LV shopping bags.. I can't wait until I get my first paycheck - then I'll do it again :graucho:
  15. Ladies -

    I wish you wouldn't spy on my boyfriend like that makes me feel uncomfortable. Just wait until he gives me the presents and I will post pictures!

    Joking....yes someone will feel quite special tomorrow!