Some Lorca love!

  1. The big plus for me switching to lorca is that my boys can't ask me to tote their action figures anymore!;) And I can't just throw stuff into my bag (receipts, lists, etc) and leave them there until I swap out bags again. It forces me to be a bit more on top of things, which is very very good for me. So now to decide...another lorca or another style...hmmm....
  2. I love that about Lorcas! When I've used my Tharpe for a week or two it's like archaeology trying to find something.

    VCP Lorca is in da house! :happydance: It's a little stinky and def more used than the seller said--lock is very loose--but for the price, I'm happy. It's such a fun burst of raspberry!

  3. Yay for more lorcas! Sorry it's not exactly as described...that's always frustrating. But VCP is so forgiving...I have a pilot and used to have a pomp in VCP and the leather is amazing.
  4. Yep--I've wiped it down and am airing it out. The turn lock can't be helped. I've had smaller pieces in the VCP before, but absolutely love the big pop of it on a bag.
  5. I have an old school olive Inka that has the olive H's lining. I don't think the olive bags ever had the pretty floral lining.
  6. Yay lorcas! I gave up my zap for nothin a few year back. :smash: it was hot to death, fo so.

    Now idk which color I'd get if I wanted to go back. I have the silly shoulder prob, like some other hotties. Moonbeam might make me consider it, lol.

    Oooh, no-- it would HAVE to be PL! How could I forget?!