Some Lorca love!

  1. So, I finally got to carry my new to me Lorca for the first time yesterday. Omgosh, do I see why some of you have several different lorca's now. It is such a great size for what I'm carrying for summer. Not sure how it would work with most of my winter coats, but that's ok. The strap drop sans coat is super comfy for me and it's easy to get in/out of it, even with my 2 little boys with me. And I was so happy I like it packed up with my things...I had a sao paulo hobo and as much as I wanted to love it, it never worked for me packed. And what good is a bag that I only like empty?;) To all you who rave about lorca, thanks for pushing me over the edge. I don't post often but I frequently lurk and read all your hhhottie reviews!:biggrin:
  2. :yahoo: Glad you love it!! I just scored a VCP one for a great price, and if I can swing it, will also get the Eucalyptus one :biggrin: And I totally agree about the summer weight/just enough to carry what you need. I get so weighed down during the school year, it's great to feel free and just swing a Lorca in the summer.

    Post pics of your new lovely!!
  3. I once had a Lorca and loved it! Sold it when I needed some money, but it is a fabulous bag. My only HH ever, and I would repurchase it in a second if the bag relisted.
  4. Love your avatar :p
    Which color/leather did you have?
  5. jenbur - lorca has an adjustable strap so if you need to lengthen the strap drop for winter coats you can do it. What colour did you get?

    Jenni - I have a vcp lorca too. And moonbeam, black onxy, black shine, brandy, olive, wild rose. I love all of them. I think brandy gets the least use. I don't know WHY I need 2 black ones but the black shine is soooo thick and scrumptious I can't give it up and the black onxy is just a staple.
  6. And now i have to go to work to pump up the bag fund!!!!
  7. I wish I had a Black Shine (or Grape Shine!) Lorca, Sally. ITA that leather is amazing. So thick.

    I have the VCP coming, and Lead and ICP at home :love: At other times, I've owned:
    Plum Sample :crybaby:
    And did I own a Ginger one? I can't remember. Maybe. Wouldn't mind finding one of those!

    Lorcas do require you to pare down a bit, but for someone like me who hauls around everything but the kitchen sink, it's a great exercise and I'm always happy when I do. I use a small wallet (right now it's my Bal mini mini CP) or card holder. An HH coin purse work as well for cash; cards can go in one of the front pockets or the interior one. Keys, sunglasses, a pack of tissues, and my phone. If I'll be gone for the whole day, I'll usually throw a carryall in, and take my iPhone out of its case; then it fits perfectly in one of the front pockets.
  8. ooo .... I would love to have lagoon and ginger....
  9. Lagoon?! Ginger?! Wowzers. Those are really lovely colors.
  10. Mine is, I believe, an old school one as it has the turnlock that doesn't turn down, the tassel (LOVE the tassel...seriously I have issues:p), and the chain deal. It's olive. I'll try to snap some pics soon b/c I know a reveal isn't a reveal without them. Maybe I bought from one of you all? If so, thanks - well cared for and everything! The only "issue" is that the chain is missing the little HH charm at the end of it...not exactly a deal breaker for me. I'm sure we've all had questionable eBay purchases over time and it is just so nice when bags are exactly as described!:biggrin:

    And you're right, Sally, with the adjustable strap, I'm sure it'll work just fine with a winter coat. And I think the olive will work well for the seasons and my usual wardrobe. I'd sort of like a more "summerish" color for now, but olive will do.;)
  11. The old school olive had a floral satin lining, I believe. There was a newer olive as well. And sometimes a chain pops up for sale; if you found one you could replace it.
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    Then maybe mine isn't old school b/c it has olive lining with the H's. I was thrown since it had the chain rather than the HH and that it has the tassel but it's not a new one. And yeah, I've sort of been keeping an eye out for the chain, but the only one I've seen has a cloisonne charm with it that I don't want/need and is more than I paid for lorca herself!:biggrin: I was just checking out the lorca selection on bon:shame: and trying to decide if I'm cool enough for zap green... Thoughts on zap green if you're old enough to remember the neon craze of the 80's/90's?:roflmfao:
  13. I've been eyeing that zap green, too, but haven't made the leap. It would be my first Lorca, and I have been going back and forth about the size, but I love the color.
  14. I have the Zap Green Lorca and Luurve it. Super cute for summer for that pop of color!!:biggrin:

    And your never to old for fun colors!!:tup:
  15. Jen, that Zap Green Lorca is great. The colour could really work through summer (which is non existent in the UK this year) and into fall. I wouldn't be afraid of wearing it.

    I've never checked out this style and I'm not sure I could carry something so small...but then I love bigger bags and carry them around full or half empty. One of these days I do need to try something smaller. For now, my sole HH is a Havana that I just love.